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A Special Needs Big Girl Room!


Ava was born with a rare neurogenetic condition called Angelman Syndrome. As part of AS, she suffers from a sleep disorder, seizures, and has many special needs. Her room was designed to be both beautiful and safe, and be functional for caring for a disabled sweetheart! My dad (her Pop) built the bed from an origional design that he and I came up with, and my mom and I painted it to match the rest of her furniture. The dresser was a cheap craigslist find that I repainted, using a design pulled from her bedding.

Design Inspiration

I really wanted a bright, fun, happy place for my sweet girl, but also one that wasn't too "little girlish" and would grow with her for several years. I found a photo of a built-in bed on Pinterest, and saw the bedding in a friend's home. The design took life from there...

Decorating Style

For this room, bright and happy!

Project Details

The bed was designed and built by my incredible father. It is still needing the crown molding, but is otherwise complete! The dresser was bought off of craigslist, and then I repainted it to match the bedding. I bought a peg board at Home Depot, and hung it above the changing area/dresser as a storage solution. The bedding is from Bed Bath & Beyond, and the tent is from Target.

Favorite Items

By far, the bed! Not only was it designed and built by my dad, but we installed a seizure monitor on it so if she has a major seizure event at night, we are alerted. Everything about it is designed to keep her safe!


Keylee Mccanles

Saturday 9th of January 2021

Can I please get blue prints my daughter has AS and would love this bed we are trying to get out of a crib


Sunday 26th of May 2019

Same question as everyone above. I don’t see a reply to any of them, so hopefully you’re willing to email the blueprints to the bed?


Monday 8th of October 2018

Hello, What a beautiful bed. Your daughter is lucky to have such a supportive family. Special needs beds are so expensive and out of reach for most families due to cost and are not covered by insurance. It is almost impossible to find plans for beds online. My 5 year old with DS and ASD sleeps in his closet with a full size foam matress and a door we cut in half. It suits his pupose for now but we would love the plans if you have them as we are moving and may.not find a house with a closet big enough to suit. Thanks.


Wednesday 25th of April 2018

Hi, This is awesome! Along with a lot of other parents on this thread my son is in need of a bed just like this, also with a seizure monitor. We are unable to get a new bed and want to use his existing bed and maybe add a frame and doors. Do you have instructions or plans? Any help is appreciated.


Friday 19th of January 2018

Hi there! I have been searching for a bed I could love for my daughter with Angelman Syndrome. We have one for traveling, but she is still in a crib at home. I’d love to know the design for this bed. We have a friend who wants to help s build something for our sweet girl.