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A Seusstastical Birthday


A Dr. Seuss inspired theme birthday, it's a toss up who had more fun wsith this party - the momma creating it or the birthday boy himself!

Design Inspiration

What is not to love about the mix of aqua and red and a little Dr. Seuss ryhme! This is a theme any parent can have fun creating around and a true appreciation for their most favorite books and quotes while passing down the memories for our children to love and enjoy.

Decorating Style

Modern and Eclectic. Being a graphic designer, I am at a craft store almost daily so it's always tempting to put my hands to work on every idea so each party takes on it's own character of style. The goal of this party was to create a modern approach to the theme and to give a twist on the party as only the Cat in the Hat would do.

Project Details

Most all items are DIY projects and assembled items that you can find in my etsy shop at, this theme is undated daily and a top seller so you will constantly be finding new items.

***I love to promote other etsy sellers. ***

The tie my son is wearing in his photoshoot is by dressemup on Etsy.

Cucpake wrappers were purchased from Cupcake Social on Etsy.

The very cool upcycled Dr. Seuss Vintage Journal, in which we used as a sign in book and later a scrapbook of the pics of the party, can be found at Open Books on Etsy.

Gourment Play on Etsy has a great set of felt Green Eggs and Ham that have now become the favorite meal the boys continue to cook on their play grill.

 TJ Maxx Home Goods has a great selection of white platters to stock up on your tablescape for many birthdays ahead.

My most enjoyable project was the invitataion being I knew this would not be re-created it was a personal piece of work for my son to have as a keepsake that would not be recreated again for anyone else so it was a treasure to create it. 

The invitation was in three seperate pieces, the front image was a  fun poem with the party information incorporated, the backside was a collage of the birthday boy being a typlical three year old... having trouble getting your toddler to sit still for a photoshoot???? - this is the perfect theme to bring out the big whirly lollipops!  The invitation also had an insert of part of the Cat in the Hat book for the parents to share with their children and to bring them back to childhood for a moment. The invitaiton was wrapped together with a couture ribbon and a Dr. Seuss magnet for the fridge as a pre-party favor. Each invite was mailed in a kraft box lined with red and white peppermints and wrapped with a decorative tape found in the dollar section at Micheals and sent off to our guests, many were hand delivered to minimize shipping cost. The lable on the box stated 'This invitation belongs to....' in place of a book tag that would normally state 'This book belongs to...'

Photos by Photography By JoAnn... and most importantly my son's Nana, it is such a gift that she gives us to capture these moments!

Favorite Items

There are two:

The 'Happy Birthday' banner is a favorite of mine personally as well as the top selling item in my shop, it's unique and simple enough to transition into many themes, the matchng highchair banner is now in my son's playroom!

One of the favors at the party were reusable snack bags found on Etsy, the lable for these stated "Reuseable GREEN BAGS for your Ham'.



There are so many great resources online to get your creative mind going, including every party listed on this site!

It's always great to involve your kids in the projects and to start planning months in advance, espically if you plan to utilize Etsy sellers.

If planning a candy ba, the simplier is better, this was my first candy bar to create and there is still so much leftover even 4 months after the party that I still find myself climbing in the closet to get to the candy jars and I attempted to hide from myself!

Custom birthday parties can be alot of work and stressful at times, my son still talks about how much fun his Cat in the Hat party was as he is reminded of the party with so many Etsy finds and digtial wallarts made by his momma that it makes it all worth the sleepless nights.

Make a budget and stick to it, if you have to hit the craft store daily to use your one-a-day coupon it will be worth it in the end to get the look you want for the price you can afford.

Please visit my shop for Dr. Seuss items,

 I have loved recreating Coen's Rockin' 1st birthday items, in which you can find in this list of galleries, with Project Nursery readers and will have the same passion in creating custom designs for this theme as well.

When you do the things you love for the ONES YOU's a great thing!


Tuesday 26th of June 2012

This was a birthday party a mom did on here blog lol!! Her blog is called..... little pumpkin grace!!


Monday 24th of January 2011

Dr. Seuss characters are very easy to identify. Every kid should be familiar with at least one Dr. Seuss story. Anyway, as long as your kid and his/her guests loves Dr. Seuss, this kind of theme will surely be a hit.


Tuesday 18th of January 2011

I wish I can do this kind of party too. Look really fun. The sad thing is that none of the kids in my family likes Dr. Seuss. I don't think they can relate to his stories. =(


Saturday 15th of January 2011

Absolutely Awesome job every time! Kim has been creating cards and announcements for each and every birthday, holiday and celebration for my grandchildren for years. Always amazingly unique and personal. Never disappointed.