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A Rustic Vintage Shower


My very talented and crafty friend Haeran hosted a baby shower to celebrate the birth of our first child. Along with the help of our many friends it was a beautiful baby shower.

Design Inspiration

The theme was Rustic Vintage. We had Chicken and Waffles if that's any indication! Candied Caramel Apples with White Chocolate drizzle, Red Velvet Cake Pops. Lemonade, Corn Bread and Fresh Fruits balanced out the menu. Custom cupcakes by 3D Pops played a pivotal role among the desserts. Most of the decor was hand crafted, hand-sewn and homemade. Lots of lovely and detailed touches.

Decorating Style

Modern, Eclectic, Bohemian, and Vintage Mash-up!

Project Details

Mason Jars from Target were used for our Beverage glasses they were personalized with string, buttons, and labels and accompanied by gray and white paper straws with labels of the date and our baby girl's name.


The letter L was handmade with cardboard and wrapped in yarn.


Scrabble letters were used to accent the Candy Table and spell out "L is for London"


The Baby London sign was made with cut burlap fabric and white paint attached to a thick brown ribbon with accents of hand made felt flowers.


A wood stand made of repurposed wood with twine and wooden clothes pins was used to hang up baby photos for a baby guessing game. 


There was also a Typing Station for notes and advice to compile a scrapbook complete with a vintage typewriter! 


The  beautiful and delicious cupcakes featuring rattle, booty, and London namesake designs were made by 3D Pops located in La Habra, CA. The two flavors were chocolate cake with vanilla creme filling and choco frosting and yellow cake with vanilla creme filling and cream cheese frosting. LIKE her on Facebook:

Favorite Items

I love the hand sewn mini bunting on the cake! It was creatively propped up by two of the gray striped paper straws!


My friend uses Pinterest and found lots of inspiration there.

Florence Amber

Saturday 17th of March 2012

Haha, I love your guestbook! And that photo display concept is pretty neat, too.