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A Room With Re-Purpose and a Baby Girl


I hope the room serves as inspiration to others. Going back to your roots, looking at what you already have in your life, and allowing it to serve once again as "cherished" is my take on meaningful design. My quest to achieve a nursery with "re-purpose" was driven by three factors: 1) to find and reuse items with family meaning and history 2) create an earth-friendly space 3) do so on a budget in these otherwise difficult times. Re-purposed items: Austrian crystal chandelier (my late grandmother's). Rocking horse and toy chest - mine own from childhood (repainted and treated). All bedding handmade from her great grandmothers in Austria and Greece, along with most all toys you'll see. The chair, a special from the 70's taken from my parent's garage 25 years later (wood treated and reupholstered). Wall art photo copied from a book, frames taken from another room within my home. A photo framed of the late grandmother my baby girl was named after.

Design Inspiration

See above.

Decorating Style

Simple, comfortable, clean, modern, fresh.

Project Details

  • paint by benjamin moore in edgecomb
  • DIY photo copies of wee gallery art cards, enlarged and framed over crib
  • Mirror from Z Gallery:
  • Wall decal of tree: 
  • Fabric for chair and pillows:

Favorite Items

Everything from the past: rocking horse, chandelier, mademade bedding and toys.  It all comes from my childhood and/or was hand made by my daughter's great grandmothers in Europe (saved and protected all these years).  It's lovely to know that she will once again cherish the same things I did growing up.


Most all nursery sets and collections are generic.  While there are a lot of truly stylish items out there, I enjoyed the process of creating something unique and rich with history.  Look around at home and in your families' homes first.  Find pieces you might be able to re-upholster. Take such items as pillows, frames, mirrors, shelving from other rooms and re-use them (re-paint, give them a new look, etc). 

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  1. avatar Rina says:

    Lovely nursery! Where is the crib from?

  2. avatar Jaimeh963 says:

    what is the brand of the crib! i love it!!

  3. avatar BriskRain says:

    Hi Nharamoglis:

    Thanks for that.  Will do my very best and will share it here when I’m finished!

  4. avatar cottonlily says:

    I like the light, neutral simplicity of this room. The color is subtle and elegant. We have family heirlooms and antiques we plan on using in our room too. The handmade baby toys are absolute treasures!

  5. avatar nharamoglis says:

    Thank you!  Brisk Rain – seeing your post made my entry all worth while.  Best wishes in creating a memorable space for Justin. 

  6. avatar Ysczabel says:

    I love the clean lines you have here.  The crystal chandelier is the perfect touch for the elegant room you have for your Katerina.

    Brisk Rain, I was touched by your story.  I am sure your Justin will get to know and appreciate her Nana pretty well :)

  7. avatar BriskRain says:

    You just made me want to raid our attic :)

    Thanks for this, you are right it did serve as an inspiration for me to get the things my mom loved and put them to use.  I am hoping I could tell my Justin stories about her grandnana through her jewelry box, or her favorite chair, or her stitching stuff.

    My mom died of breast cancer three years ago, a week after I got married to the most wonderful man.  She was so weak, but she made it a point to be the one to give me away.  She would have loved Justin going through her things and telling her stories.

  8. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    Awww… somebody teach me how to draw animals so I could have it framed.  I think that those pencil/pen portraits are great and would definitely copy it :)