A Room For Two

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Planning a room for a boy and a girl can be a challenge.  Finding the color scheme of aqua, grey, white, with touches of pink allowed for the room to be balanced.  

Design Inspiration

It was all inspired by the fabric shower curtain that I found at Target that I then had made into my daughters crib bedding.  Looking outside the box is what I always tell clients. 

Decorating Style

My style is comfortable, clean, bright and most of all full of fun.  Nothing too fancy for our family.  We want to be able to play pillow fight and not worry about hurting the pillows. 

Project Details

Bunk bed  http://www.walmart.com/ip/your-zone-zzz-place-to-be-bunk-bed-white-twin/14504428

rug  http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10177885/

dresser http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00067830/

deer, chandelier and flower prints http://www.saltandpaper.com/shop/index.php?category=art&tag=silhouette

black and white pillow http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60103236/



Favorite Items

I have many favorites.  My DIY bench cushion was a labor of love.  I love the Salt and Paper artwork that I customized into the same grey.  And I really like the 'Dream Big' poster I created.  I love the way putting the crib in the bottom bunk space allowed for more available floor space.  My daughter doesn't mind her little 'cave.'


Just know you don't have to spend a lot to create an adorable space.  I talk about this often on my site www.emersongreydesigns.com 

Feel free to ask me any questions. 


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    I really love the combination of white and aqua. And what you did with the shelf was really awesome.

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    Under the window is actually two separate 2-cube bookcases from Target. They are similar to this one http://www.target.com/p/Large-Divided-Cube-White/-/A-10535804 but I found mine instore and they were only $15 each. You want to make sure the center divider is stationary, instead of an adjustable shelf, so that when you put it on its side, it stays in place. I then added a leg kit from Ikea to each individual cube bookcase. So they can actually be pulled apart and still stand. I did have to purchase smaller screws then the ones included with the leg kit.

    If you have a larger window area then I have the Expedit bookcase from Ikea is my favorite to use for clients. Feel free to check out my site for other fun ideas.

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    Cute room. What is the brand and name of the wall color? Whet is the trim called? Thanks.

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    Sarah A.,

    Hi ladies…my daughter was actually 18 months when I moved her into this transition stage. Bless her little heart she understood ‘duck.’ It actually worked out just fine. I do have an older style crib, that I saved from my son so it is higher then any crib you will find these days. So, if anyone decides to do this set-up with a newer crib you will have even more clearance then we do.
    Putting her into the crib was the same as I always did, I’d hold her against my chest and lower her in onto her back. She loved her ‘little cave,’ as my son called it.
    Just this weekend we put her into her big girl bed. It was a great solution to free up floor space for the amount of time we did it.

    Glad you both asked =)

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