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A {Retro} Day at the Beach 1st birthday


I decided a retro day at the beach theme for Charles 1st birthday.  Being February, in Australia, it's the hottest summer month and I thought if we could play water games if we needed to cool down a little. 

Project Details

The desert table comprised of a orange and turquoise colour scheme.  A water/surf themed cake, orange jelly beans (complete with cocktail umbrellas), life saver lollies, kool mints mounted in oyster shells on a bed of 'sand' (brown sugar), fruit cups and displayed with surf life saving food labels.  I even went so far as to have fish shaped ice for the champagne bucket. 

Favorite Items

The lollipop mounted in the thongs (flip flops) are my favourite and were a hit of the party.  I also love the marshmallow choc top mini cones (really easy to make).


For details, see my blog at:

You can also see details here:

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  1. avatar LarzyB says:

    Belinda- I know what you mean we have a similar product in the US- very cool! Thanks!

  2. Hi LarzyB,
    No, that is just sand from the boys sand it. I stuck the flags posts down with blu-tack (not sure if that is just an Australian thing or not?) and then heaped the sand around them.

  3. avatar LarzyB says:

    The gradation of color on the icing of the cake is very creative! I also love the “sand” under the label markers- was that brown sugar too? If so, how did you get it to stand up the label sticks?

  4. avatar Jasmine C. says:

    Bright, breezy and beachy! I just love the colors. And those little spoons with tags.