A Reimagined Playroom

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Remember that initial excitement of moving the playhouse into the playroom last year?  We would "cook" and pretend in there for hours.  Sadly, as with most new toys for our children, the novelty wore off.  LOL Surpise Dolls were taking over and the playhouse was all but forgotten.  I don't know about you, but I can only play with those little plastic dolls for so long before I start to lose my mind.  I started thinking, how can I put the "fun" back into the playroom?  And here's the real trick, without spending a dime doing it.  It hit me!  When I was a kid I loved to rearrange my furniture, toys...EVERYTHING really.  It's so silly how something as simple as moving an object to a different location can give it life again and make it seem new.  I put on my "moving" clothes and got to work.  Everything in the room was kept the same or repurposed in some way.  I decided to create a Cafe space and add little menu's in the frames I already had.  The Playhouse is no longer the focal point in the room, but as Brennan from Stepbrothers said, "It will give us so much extra space to do activities!"


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    Thank you Raquel! The glass picture frames were purchased from Michael’s a few years ago. The prints inside of them are by Children Inspire Design. Hope that helps!

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    Love this!! Do you have a link for the baskets along the bottom of the shelf? They are just what I’m looking for!!

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    How did you do the corner of the two shelf units? Did you just cover up 1 row to make the corner?

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    Hi Katie! The dollhouse that used to be in the playroom was the Dollhouse shelf from IKEA. Very affordable and decent size! We have since upgraded to the Plan Toys Victorian dollhouse and purchased additional furniture pieces. You can find all sources linked in my project, “Elena’s Officially Forever Dollhouse”. I hope this helps!

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    Shannon, when did you purchase this playhouse? The link you provided no longer lists this particular playhouse and I’m obsessed with it!! I was already planning on purchasing that kitchenette from IKEA!

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    Hi Andrea! We purchased the playhouse from Costco three years ago, so I’m not sure if this style is available. I know it’s from the Cedar Summit line from KidKraft. They have similar styles. The IKEA kitchen fits so perfectly inside!

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    Hi Kaitlyn! You can purchase the six book starter set as well as some single titles currently released, on Amazon. I also found several titles at Book Depository (UK) for cheaper and with free shipping. There are a total of 23 titles in this set (I think). They release one or more new title(s) each year. They are so pretty and such a fun way to introduce chapter books. Happy hunting!

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    Sorry for the late reply Jeanne, Ana Silva, and Michelle. The paint color on the walls is Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams.

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    This is such a cute and inviting room! I would love to do a color like this in my daughters room! What color did you use?

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    Did you get permission from Champions Market Place to use their photo? You may seel those products, but that work is not your own.

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    Hi! A lovely playroom! I see you used ikea shelving, I was wondering how did you position the shelves without overlapping the shelf storage as one is positioned along the back wall and the other along the right side of the wall.

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    Hi Gurpal, She did overlap the shelves. You can see one cubby gets covered in the corner. So you end up with three open cubbies on one side and four on the other.

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    I love this arrangement! Did you put an eight cube kallax shelf underneath the window and cover the last cube?

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    Hi there! First, your playroom is beautiful! I have a question for you about the white frames and the prints within them. Would you mind sharing the size of the white frames and the size of the prints that you ordered? Thanks so much!

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