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A Princess Never Outgrows her Canopy Bed !


My niece wanted a canopy bed that was like the ones in fairy tales. The kind that you could close the sheers all the way around so I made one for her.

Design Inspiration

Too many romance novels LOL

Decorating Style

On this it was a niece who was wishing for a white knight, but I have also designed canopies and bed crowns that were inspired by Arabian Nights, Scottish highland castles and even contemporary designs.

Project Details

 I have always designed my own canopies and I make bed crowns for a living but because she had already had a bed crown by me, that was just not dramatic enough. I got out my sketch pad and started designing. She had a twin size bed that she liked arranged like a day bed lengthwise. I searched for lace and found valances that were 48 inches, then bought 6 sheers that were 60 inches wide and 96 inches long. They were the exact height of the room. 2 sheers each for each of the long sides ( in the photo it would be the front and back that open and close), 1 each for the head and foot and then one to sew to the tops of the sheers for the head and  foot to create the billowed top that covers the ceiling. In all it was about 36 yards of fabric. Once mounted the fabrics and frame weighed about 10 lbs. It was suspended from the ceiling shirred on 2 light weight curtain rod frame put together in an inner and  outer rectangles and hung by hooks on toggle bolts.  The candelabra was a wall mounted electric candle stick sconce that she could turn on for reading and doing home work.The candle stick sconce added romance without the danger of a real flame.Never use flames near a canopy bed rule #1 !!

Favorite Items

I would have to say .... my favorite thing is not in the photo, it's my niece.


Hire a seamstress. Although I do sew this was so much harder as well as more expensive  to make than my bed crowns are. 


Wednesday 25th of April 2012

Nice canopy. Really princessy!