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A Peachy Pink DIY Nursery and a Sweet Little Mural


The look I was going for is sweet and eclectic. I wanted to steer away from a theme and include all things happy. It was a fun family project; my mom made the dust ruffle, my dad converted the door into a dutch door and crafted a custom storage bench/sleeper, Hubby painted the peachy pink walls and hung all the pretties, and I painted the mural, made the mobile and the hair accessory frame.  

Design Inspiration

I have painted tons of murals and have always told clients to think about a color pallet. My fave is citrus-y pretty colors. My favorite illustrator is Mary Blair, the famous concept artist for Disney. I love the brush effect she applied for simple shadows and that look inspired my mural design. The mural is simple and tells a little story, The mountains is where Robert and I met, he proposed in Coronado, (San Diego) and we were Married in Julian, a little country town famous for their apple pies. All these places are illustrated in the design in a whimsy and simplistic way. 

Decorating Style

Girly, eclectic, a little shabby chic, storybook inspired, and happy 

Project Details

I love my bargains and appreciate good finds...I found the bookcases, dresser and crib  on Craigslist, the rag rug is from Ross for $17, The Amenity deer duvet cover was a lucky find from a thrift store, and curtains are from Ikea.  As for the DIY projects, my suggestion is to take inventory of things you already have. I had a few frames which I used to hang hair accessories and to showcase an Alphabet poster. I refinished an old lamp, and bought a new shade and added loose stripes for a pop of color. For an easy and economic art piece, I went to Paper Source, and bought a poster for $5. We pinned it directly to the wall and framed it with a barnyard red window frame. I made the mobile using a wood sewing ring for the base, and embellished it with trims from , a wonderful Scrapbooking store in San Diego, and I sewed the little birdies. If you want to tackle a mural, I say go simple. You do not want to overwhelm yourself. I can gladly help you too, wink! I also made a little stuffed Octupus with scraps of fabric. Other DIY projects are the bench, the dutch door and the dust ruffle. Another fun thing is to find a unique piece at an antique mall to give a little spark. Our dear friends found the red vintage push toy and its one of my favorite things, plus I love the red against the pink walls. 

Favorite Items

My parents have a dutch door which my dad made and that sparked the idea to have one in my nursery. I am so happy with it because its so easy to get in and out, I can keep an eye on my little, and the pups can not get in.  

My other favorite thing is the colors and ease of my nursery; I can add many things to it without feeling like I have to match everything which will be handy as baby gets older and things are added to her space.



We chose a color that was more peachy pink than a true pink and it helped to set a glow-y backdrop for everything else in the room. The color is by Behr Paint and is called Sweet Nectar. This color allowed us to add an array of color without having to match everything up. Another tip is don't feel like you have to buy a matching bed set for baby. I mix and matched to create a look I liked. When it comes down to it, half the things in the crib sets you don't use, bumper duvet, pillows, etc. 

There are a few more things to finish in the nursery, but all in all I really like it so far and hope you enjoy it too!  


Wednesday 3rd of October 2012

I can't believe that that is a a $17 rug, it looks so expensive!


Sunday 30th of September 2012

Congrats on your new baby! You have created a very pretty nursery for her. My fave part is that mural on the wall.