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A Nursery for a Tiny Dancer


This has been my all time favorite project!

To give you some context: I have two toddler boys & feel like I've been decorating with blues & greens for the last few years, so when we found out we were expecting a girl this time around, you guessed it- I knew I wanted to make her nursery extra girly, with lots of blush & feminine vibes. Back when I first started looking for nursery inspiration, I quickly realized there were SO MANY different adorable directions I could go with the room. I kept changing my mind between a preppy, classic look and a trendy boho vibe. It was a tough decision because I was truly loving both styles!  I decided to combine the two styles (not sure if this is allowed in the interior design world but I did it!) and I completely LOVE how it turned out. It has it all- the pink board and batten wood walls and gingham wallpaper push the classic, traditional girl nursery and the soft natural wood details incorporate the boho vibe. I grew up dancing, so I knew I also wanted to incorporate some ballet details. I did this by adding the ballet barre & mirror, as well as tying in some classic dancer dolls. The scalloped details add more of the extra girly flare and really ties the room together. A lot of what is incorporated into the nursery is what my 5 year old self dreamed about having in my bedroom growing up. I sure hope our little one grows to like her room as much as I do, but at the end of the day if she doesn't- it'll just give me another excuse to decorate her room all over again.


Thursday 29th of February 2024

What color pink is the accent wall?