A Little Sheep Party

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In the Korean culture the 100th day (baek -il) of a child's life is celebrated. On Saturday we had a small get together to celebrate my youngest nephew's baek-il!

Design Inspiration

When I asked my sister what animal Nathan was (in regards to the Chinese calendar), she said sheep. I thought- perfect! I'll go with that as a theme.

I used yarn, felt and sheep motifs for a bit of decor. It was a low key affair but I still wanted to do something special for the little guy.

Well... on the day of the party we learned he's actually a rabbit! Haha!!

Oh well, the sheep theme still works!

Project Details

I made the sheep frame, the yarn numbers, felt streamers, tie tshirts for the 3 brothers and cupcakes complete with a popsicle white picket fence!

You can find more info on how to make these on my blog:




Favorite Items

I love the sheep frame! It was so cheap and easy to make- my kind of decorations!


My advice... always make sure your inspiration is accurate! =)

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    I have seen a lot of Korean dramas and I have indeed noticed they’re big on 100 days and 1000 days, even for couples, and not much into monthsaries. Anyway, sheep is a good theme and that photo of your nephews is so cute.

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