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A Little Monsters First Birthday!


Our little monster turned one on Saturday and we decided what would be more fitting than a Little Monster themed birthday party.

We chose bright colours that pop with joy! Everything was home made by me (mum). I sewed little monsters out of felt with the sign 'Adopt a Monster' for each child to take home with them. Each gift bag was personalised and had a little monster badge on that I cut out and designed myself. Inside the gift bag was a bottle of bubbles, play dough, stickers and a slinky, closed with a glitter peg and name tag.

We decorated the table in a green, orange and blue theme. I made paper bunting for the walls and used blue lanterns for the backdrop. We had an array of food, including marshmallow dipped monster heads, star sandwiches, monster cupcakes and sugar free blueberry muffins for the kids... and the cake of course! Chocolate with vanilla buttercream icing, and a fondant bottom.

One year down - can't wait to start planning the next party!