A Little Lady’s Nursery

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Ella is our first baby. We were so excited to decorate her nursery but I didn't want it to be all pink or too girly. I love nature and wanted her nursery to reflect it.

Design Inspiration

Colors and nature was our inspiration for Ella's nursery. We didn't want it to matchy-matchy.

Decorating Style

Traditional, natural elements

Favorite Items

I have quite a few favorite items in her nursery but my favorite are her book shelves. My husband built them and painted them. He put a lot of work into them and they couldn't be more perfect!


Don't try and match everything; let your ideas come to life.


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    I love your nursery, beautiful! Absolutely love the rug too, I’m looking for something bright and modern, something just like yours, could you let me know where it’s from?

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    Beautiful. I like the rug’s design and color. You should have posted close-up photos of those artworks beside the tree decal. They look real interesting.

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    Definetly one of my favourite nurseries ever i love everything about it, especially the usa map and bookshelf, simply gorgeous!

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    I love the wall art, is it a decal or painted on…Also, wondering if they still have the rug at target?

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    Where did you get the tree wall decal. It’s the exact size shape I need and I can’t find one like it!

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