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A Contemporary Gender Neutral Nursery


The room was previously used as a home office and we wanted to make it a place that would be relaxing and not too crowded despite the small space. We wanted the colors to be neutral. I personally do not like the when the nursery colors are too gender stereotypical (i.e. blue or pink).

The theme is a bit loose.. The nature of Utah (our home state) is the main inspiration although we departed somewhat from that in a few areas. We added some elements of my wife's Peruvian culture on the shelves but kept the place tidy and the color scheme coherent without being too over the top with color matching.

The presence of natural wood throughout and sage green on the wall help convey a feeling of closeness to nature while the orange balances the color towards a warmer atmosphere.

I am pretty happy with the result. I think the place is very soothing, contemporary and practical.