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A Colorful, Modern & Organized Playroom


I shared version one of our colorful, modern playroom on Project Nursery a few years ago, but as the kids have gotten older the space has gotten a few upgrades since then!

Our IKEA Kallax shelving unit is still the MVP of the room -- it's the perfect piece of furniture for storing all the kids' games, puzzles, books, and trucks. As the kids have grown, the cubbies made it easy to swap out the old toys they've lost interest in and add new ones to the mix.

We're still loving our FLOR rug too. The multi-colored carpet tiles are perfect for this high-traffic room in our home, and they're so easy to clean (a requirement, obviously, because there are a ton of apple juice spills over here).

We've since added a desk for my oldest in the corner of the room so that she can do her craft projects without a little brother getting hold of the crayons or glue, and I added some wall-mounted coat racks to one wall as my son LOVES playing dress up (PJ Masks for the win).

For more details on the playroom and the full list of where I bought what, check out my website.

P.S. If you've ever considered getting a FLOR rug -- or haven't heard of them and are wondering how they're different from a normal rug -- then check out my review (not sponsored, by the way) of our FLOR rug and how it's holding up almost 5 years after we purchased it.