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A Calm and Neutral Room for Two


A big difference I found from doing the twins’ room and from my singleton's room was my own personal motivation. I had so many plans and couldn’t wait to start…but I also just couldn’t start. This pregnancy was a lot tougher than my first, and I also had much less free time than I did during those child free days before my son was born!

Because I was so tired and uncomfortable, this room has a lot less “personal” touches in terms of DIY projects. (Thank you, IKEA.) I am ok with this. I am still happy with how everything turned out and although it meant our budget was a little (a LOT) more than my first baby's room (which was mostly thrifted or DIY’d), we spread things out and it was completely manageable.

I had been swooning after this rocker for a few months, and my husband surprised me with it for Christmas. What a guy. It  is was Ita huge splurge for sous but totally worth it for me. It is so comfortable and high enough in the back to rest your head, which was a must for me. It’s also very wide, and I can already envision snuggling in with my three little guys for storytime.

The sheep ottoman is kind of “whimsical” and not something I would normally gravitate towards, but I think it’s a cute touch for a baby’s room. It is also very sturdy and a decent size. 

For cribs we went super simple with the IKEA SNIGLAR crib. At $99 each, the price was right (especially because we needed two) and they are also very suited to my personal style. I was initially worried about the quality and sturdiness, but the reviews were great and after we'd  put them together, they really are very solid. We hung the white LACK shelf (also from IKEA) on the wall above the crib, and for safety purposes, it is holding less than half the recommended weight in bric-a-brac and Matt went overkill with the anchors attaching it to the wall. It’s not going anywhere.

IKEA strikes again! We went with the KOPPANG dresser to use as our change table. This thing is a beast and has a ton of storage. It was fairly easy to assemble and it fits the space we have on this wall perfectly with enough room on either side for a laundry hamper and diaper genie.

One of my favorite things in the room is this watercolor rainbow elephant print from Society 6. It was one of the first things I picked out for the room, and I made all my other choices around it (which is why everything else is so neutral)! I am not crazy about color but I do love me a good rainbow in a nursery. I kept the cost down framing this guy by thrifting one for $30 from Value Village that I repainted a nice fresh white.

All of the other smaller decorative items are either from HomeGoods or Value Village. I love plants in a nursery (and any room, really) so I added a few to warm up the room, and last but not least, laid this super pretty/affordable rug from Wayfair.

I am so happy with the final result. Its bright, spacious, and calm which is exactly the vibe I was going for. We can’t wait to bring our new little guys home and for everyone to get settled in to our new “normal”.


Saturday 14th of August 2021

What is the paint color on the walls? Love this room!


Tuesday 7th of July 2020

This is a beautiful nursery! Thanks so much for sharing.