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A Little Prince’s Bedroom


A boy's nursery with class and charm. Kylar's nursery is a great example of allowing yourself to break free of the standard boy's nursery decor.

Design Inspiration

A little Prince's bedroom.

Decorating Style

Project Details

Browns, blues, Tans, and Blacks make up a nursery fit for a prince. Tree is the focal point of the room and softened up by the black chandelier. Bible verse over the bed and Winnie the Phoo to watch over this little prince. Monograms, initials and personalizsed items tie it all together.

The tree was hand painted by Kylar's mother. the drapes came from The birds are mirror stickers from Marshall's. The pooh decal and the bed crown above the crib are from shops on



Friday 4th of May 2012

The bed crowns are personalized with an initial. His last name starts with a "Y" as you can see in a few of the photos, his initials are KAY. Most of the ones for girls have their first name initial put on it but there have had a few who wanted their daughters last name. Sometimes because it was a prettier letter in the font used like the letter "I" is plain in any font so they would use a last initial like "S". The bed crowns can be found on etsy at a shop called Princess canopy shop.


Friday 4th of May 2012

I would really like one of thosa crown's can you tell me why there is a letter on the front of the crown?

Diane Mathias

Thursday 3rd of May 2012

Didn't know blue, brown and black would make such a classy color combo, aside from being out of the usual.