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Tristan’s Montessori Room


My goal was a Montessori-inspired bedroom in reds and browns, light and airy and entirely at the child's level.

Design Inspiration

Decorating Style

clean, simple, light

Project Details

Train decal by DecoMod Walls Etsy Shop -


essential oil diffuser by DoTerra -

shelves, wall lamp, bookcases by IKEA

train prints - Galeria Anais

"God Made You" canvas by TheCreativeImperativ Etsy shop -

Wooden toys by Melissa and Doug, Haba, Spiel und Holz, and Maple Landmark

Tristan blanket by Ivey Handcrafted -


Sit on the floor and look at the room from your child's perspective. Rather than putting everything up at adult height, try to see it from the height of a little person and find furniture to fit and hang wall art low.

Rui Kang

Tuesday 5th of December 2017

Did you use a twin size mattress or crib size mattress?

Earline Medina

Tuesday 17th of July 2012

You did such a great job considering your child. I really think that most of us forget about what a room might look like from a toddlers point of view and how overwhelming that could be. Bravo for this amazing job! I'm so inspired by this.

Shelly-Marie Rios

Tuesday 5th of June 2012

Lovely. Simple. Smart. :)

alison H

Thursday 17th of May 2012

Such a child friendly space. I will be doing something similar for my son. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jasmine C.

Friday 11th of May 2012

It's nice to see just a mattress here. It's safe and comfortable. It's like sleeping the traditional Korean way.