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Baby Gram’s Nursery


We rent our home but wanted to create a room for our baby that would be just as beautifully decorated and soothing as it would be if we owned. I found a lot of examples of removable and semi-permanent wall decals and then began to search for methods to create our own. We sketched out our design and each took turns refining it until we both felt it was exactly what we wanted. We then began testing different methods of applying the decal to the wall until we found the perfect one. The rest of the room came together around our design. Clean and simple, but colorful, soothing and peaceful - the perfect space for our baby boy.

Design Inspiration

We live in Minnesota but I come from Southern California and my husband from Michigan. I think we both gravitated towards what we love most about where we currently live, nature.

Decorating Style

I'd say clean, simple, and modern with eclectic touches here and there. Trying to make everything meld together through color and form.

Project Details

The tree decal we designed and hand made ourselves out of fabric. It was a method of scanning our design into our computer, printing it onto transparency and projecting it onto the wall. We then pasted up thick paper that we traced our design onto, cutting out the different pieces to use as patterns. We initially used a wheat paste to apply the pieces to the wall (which was pretty easy and worked well) until we discovered a sort of sticker machine that we ran our pieces of fabric through and were able to get a sticky backing. This ended up being the best and simplest, no-hassle way of getting our pieces on the wall. Worked like a charm and went super quick after that.

The curtain was a project inspired from a tutorial found here on Project Nursery. We took the basic idea of using buckles and straps to create a decorative curtain and modified it to suit our space. We used a heavy linen, created loops at the top to fit our curtain rod fixtures and ran the straps vertically along the entire length of fabric to create a seamless look.

The little white cabinet was a piece that I've had for 10 years from Pier 1. It was originally a finished wood and we refurbished it by painting it a clean crisp white.

Our crib is an Ouef Sparrow in Birch which was a gift. The dresser is Ikea which we customized with handles we found at a cabinetry store. The red bookcase is Ikea. The wooden clock and the curtain rod are from West Elm. The glider is the Gus Sparrow (our splurge). The rug and over sized lamp are both deals we scored at Room & Board outlet sales a few years ago, and the red shelves are from CB2. The whale artwork is a print from artist, Jen Lobo.

Favorite Items

Our favorite item by far is our tree decal. It was such a labor of love and we put a lot of time and effort into it together. We had so much fun doing it, from brainstorming ideas to drawing it, to actually putting it all up on the wall. Both being designers, it was the perfect opportunity to get creative together and we will never forget it.


Try to create something for your baby that you make with your own two hands. Now that we're done it feels so amazing to have accomplished it and to know that the energy we put into it was solely for our little baby boy. I'm sure he'll feel it too.


Tuesday 29th of May 2012

Where is the crib sheet from? Thanks!


Friday 20th of April 2012

You guys created a beautiful room for your new baby boy!!! You are both so artistic. Good Job!!!


Friday 20th of April 2012

Beautiful room for a beautiful baby!


Wednesday 4th of April 2012

Uncle Duke,

Thanks U.D!!! He matches the rug!


Wednesday 4th of April 2012


Thanks Fay!!