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Vintage and Whimsy


Vintage and Whimsy combine in this colorful baby girl nursery. From the colorful Tulle TuTu Pom Poms to the re-purposed barn window this room

Design Inspiration

I was inspired for this room by the bedding and my love of the color Aqua. I didn't have a large budget, but had a lot of ideas I wanted to incorporate into her room.

Decorating Style

I have a traditional style with a touch of vintage and eclectic.

Project Details

I added whimsy to the room by creating Tutu Pom Poms and hung them from the ceiling. I did them in a variety of sizes and colors to incorporate all the colors of the room. I also sewed custom curtains for the window and closet to match. It was hard, but I love that the stripes are in the same linear view across the room. By having the closet curtained we can access the entire closet and add color to the room with out painting. I spray painted the wrought iron scroll above the closet and the shelf pieces with Krylon Ocean Breeze Blue. The crib skirt was made from the left over curtain fabric. I found the tutorial at I fell in love with an old barn window and used Krylon Looking Glass Spray paint to make the window into a mirror. For added decorating space we painted a piece of wood white distressed it and added brackets beneath. A little girly detail is the lamp purchased at Hobby Lobby. The bedding is from Target and does not have the Aqua blue in it, but I found that the color worked well with the bedding.

Favorite Items

I love how the Tutu Pom Poms turned out as well as the re-purposed barn window. The custom fit needed for the closet and black out curtains for the window took the most time, but make big statements in the room.

I crafted and created several items myself. I found the bedding online for $15. After all is said and done the room was decorated for under $150!


I could not find any tutorials for large Pom Poms made of tulle. So I created a tutorial and posted it as well as the work I did on the barn window to my photography blog. If you would like to make them also you can see them at


Wednesday 21st of March 2012

Love and charming room! I really like the vintage accents you added.

Samantha Moore

Tuesday 20th of March 2012

I love the tutu pom poms! I've been debating doing the tissue paper versions but was worried they might not hold up over time. How did you put them together? Thanks!

Rachael Johnson

Sunday 18th of March 2012

I love the wall color! Everything goes! What brand is it and name is it? I also love aqua. The curtains are great.