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Jaden’s Nursery


We had a small square room to work with so we used lots of art work and put furniture on angles to make it more interesting.

We used an antique hoosier to store diapers, wipes, lotion etc. and then used the table part as a changing table. We couldn't find a mobile that we liked so we handmade one. We used framed wrapping paper from his baby shower to use as art work.

We also have a banner on the crib that we made for the baby shower, which we only ended up using for these pictures and took it down once baby was born.

Design Inspiration

We were inspired by the circus! Bright colors and animals.

Decorating Style

Bright & Playful

Project Details

Photography: JL Photographers
Banner: There's a Peanut in my Belly
Bedding: Scandia
Elephant Rug: Pottery Barn Kids
Shelves & Frames: Ikea
Elephants, Giraffes & Buttons (used for DIY mobile): Michaels
Crying is for Babies: Sycamore Street Press
Mama Loves You: Gus and Lula
Framed Animals: Papyrus Wrapping Paper
Bark Colored Pencils: Anthropologie
Jaden Letters: Urban Outfitters

Favorite Items

I love the elephant rug and our mobile. We are very proud of how it turned out!


Think bright and be creative. We re-used a lot of stuff from our baby shower, keep your eyes peeled for cute wrapping paper and decorations.

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  1. avatar Kimberly says:

    This banner from the baby shower was only used for pictures, once the baby was born we took it down. Thanks for your concern though!

  2. avatar J9 says:

    It’s cute, but no one has pointed out that the circle bunting is a potential hazard for strangulation. Just wanted to say that in case anyone was really considering adding that to their cribs!

  3. avatar Dawn says:

    Live the color. What color is it?

  4. avatar Jen says:

    I love the paint color, what is it??

  5. avatar Melinda Kopet says:

    I love the mobile, where did you get it?

  6. avatar KConner says:

    Love the paint color – what is it?

  7. avatar mrsdlynn says:

    The mobile above the crib just caught my eye… so great!

  8. avatar Kimberly says:

    Tasha – Yes, the elephants were from the center pieces of my baby shower! I took a lot from my baby shower and incorporated it into the room. Great way to save money too!

  9. avatar Tasha Cune says:

    Such a lovely room! I really like what you did with it. That DIY animal mobile is cute. Were those the same little animals you used as accents for your baby shower?

  10. avatar Kimberly says:

    Nancy, Thanks! … Lucy, my mom used to own a home decor boutique I got it from there but she is no longer in business. Sorry that’s not very helpful :o(

  11. avatar Lucy says:

    I love the little shelf you have in the corner.. I have a little corner space I’m trying to fill in my nursery and that is perfect! Where did you get it?

  12. avatar Nancy says:

    The DIY mobile is great! I love those animals from Michael’s. Great job, this is a beautiful nursery!

  13. avatar Kimberly says:

    Thanks Molly! It’s from Sycamore Street Press, you can find them on Etsy :o)

  14. avatar Molly says:

    I love everything about your baby room! I especially like the “Crying is for Babies” wall art, where did you find that? Looks great! :)