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Monkey 1st Birthday


This is the party I organized for my son's first birthday. I wanted him to be the center of the party, and I wanted the decor to reflect that!

Design Inspiration

Right when my son was about 6 months I started thinking of his birthday celebration. I knew I didn't want to use any TV character, or the usual Winnie the Pooh/Mickey Mouse theme that you see on your average 1st bday party. So I started searching for birthday themes online and came across the mod monkey theme. I immediately loved the modern and sleek style of this theme - not too babyish, and very cute for a 1 year old. I was inspired but the colors and the cute monkey face. I only bought the basic party goods, and the rest of the items i designed on my PC and got them professionally printed.

Decorating Style

Sleek, bright and modern.

Project Details

I live in Colombia, so I tried to order as much as I could online. I got the party decorations and favors from Whatever I couldn't get, I had made at local stores.   I spent hours browsing different sites that featured mod monkey items and party ideas .  Many ideas came from different vendors at . I  had the invitations made at . I was also inspired but all the wonderful projects on this site. The idea for the cake, for example, came from a project featured here, then I had it made by a local bakery.  Thanks to all of you the party turned out great!

Favorite Items

Definitely the picture banner. All hand made.. lots of work, but so worth it! It was a beautiful focal point, and a proud display of the baby's best moments! I also love the costume tee and the wrist bands!


Do a lot of research online for party ideas and try to keep it focused on the child.. Enjoy it and don't get stressed over small things. Its just a party!

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  1. avatar cokkie says:

    You have shown that you can take your standard party pack and turn it in something really FABULOUS! Love the Monkey wristbands!

  2. avatar gianyag says:

    Mod monkey is a popular theme for 1st birthdays but the way you customized it, really made it unique! I Congrats!

  3. avatar Babo4ever says:


    Thank you Chehi, hopefully he will!! :)

  4. avatar chechilujan says:

    The details you invested into that photo banner is so meaningful, that Liam will be able to appreciate later on in life. I love the unique theme!

  5. avatar Dandelion says:

    I think first birthdays should have a simple theme, so choosing monkeys is a good idea. And the blue and yellow color combination you used seemed nice.I like the contrast between the two colors. Love your photo banners/buntings.