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Mother’s Day–for the KIDS to Make FOR Mom!


This was a mother's day photo shoot created for Yum! Food and Fun for Kids magazine. I wanted to create a party where the KIDS could make everything FOR mom, giving her a bit of a rest! My daughters had so much fun helping me with this party! I really did make them do most of the work. ;-)

Design Inspiration

I appreciate the effort--I really do--but I don't really want to go out to an overcrowded, overpriced, mediocre brunch on mother's day.  I wanted to create something that would be delicious, easy, and let the kids do the bulk of the work for mother's day.

Decorating Style

Eclectic!  But this party had a more garden party/shabby chic style.

Project Details

The kids really did do the work for this party.  My daughters loved picking herbs from our garden for the cream cheese dip and spread, cutting cucumber flowers, slicing and arranging the caprese salad, etc.  The potting bench serving table was a $10 score from Craigslist.  I was particularly delighted with the large balloon we used.  Those big balloons are always adorable, but using a floral garland as the string really put it over the top.  Several tutorials available on

Favorite Items

The chocolate garden cupcakes were my favorite detail.  So cute, and so very easy to make.