Superhero Room

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My boys are in love with all things Superhero. I wanted them to feel like Superheroes in their room.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration came from watching too many Superhero cartoons:)

Decorating Style

I like using modern, retro, and vintage decor.

Project Details

I found a cheap rod iron bunk bed on craigslist that I stripped down to give it the steel look for the "man of steel." I also painted a city scape on the wall with boy boy's initials. They picked their favorite Superhero and I cut out their logos with felt to make fabric bins for the toys. The bedding and night stand are from Target and the vintage signs are from an antique store. I found a telephone booth at Hobby Lobby that reminded me of Superman and a green chain necklace that my boys pretend is kryponite.

Favorite Items

My favorite item are the comic action pictures I made of my boys.

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