Peyton’s Nursery

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This is a nursery for my baby girl. It started as a neutral room, because we didn't know the sex. We then added pink accents after peyton was born.

Design Inspiration

i live near the ocean and wanted it bright and fresh.

Decorating Style

I love clean lines, but at the same time it be warm and inviting.

Project Details

I mixed lower budet things with higher priced items. The bookcase, wall lamps, rugs, mirror and curtains are all ikea. The lamp, baskets, and end table are from homegoods. I painted the end table myself. i splurged on the chair, crib and dressor from bellini. The tree decal i got on etzy and made the letters myself.

Favorite Items

i love the tree and glider.


use vertical space.  i have 10 ft  ceilings so i used the tree to accentuate that. Also use the most of a small space. I didn't have much floor space so i put the lights on the wall and used a tall narrow bookshelf.


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    Such a pretty little room! I think the cherry blossoms creating a canopy over the crib and the initials hanging from the branches are just gorgeous. But my eyes are really on that father and baby portrait photo. Makes me go “AWWWWW…”

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    I love your wall decal and it is perfect for the colors in my baby’s room. I looked on etsy but couldn’t find the same tree due to the fact that there are so many. Is there some kind of name I can look for on etsy to make my search more narrow. Or maybe you can provide me with a link. Thanks for your time!!!

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    I have a nursery planned for my baby’s room using these exact colors and have been looking for a tree wall decal. This is exactly what I have been looking for!! I spent over an hour on Etsy trying to locate this tree but with no luck. Do you know the name of the store you purchased this from?

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    Alisha, it sounds like our nursery’s are going to be identical. I also searched a long time for it:)

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    Yes, I just ordered my tree! :). I was hoping to find it what the t color of paint is as I ordered the same color tree! :)

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