Cora Christine’s Nursery

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Colorful Treetop Friends

Design Inspiration

A lot of my inspiration came from the wonderful projects on this website! Other than that though, the basic concept was to start with a neutral canvas (grey walls and white furniture) so that I could add color that would pop. The theme is inspired by Jonathan Adler's Skip Hop Treetop friends, so the decals, curtains and rug are all some variation of the forest and its flora and fauna.

Decorating Style

Colorful, modern, clean, bright.

Project Details

**Wall Paint: Kelly Moore Wishing Star (Grey) and Summer Yellow **Crib: Pali Imperia Forever **Changing Table: Made by Grandpa **Embroidery hoops: fabric bought at PeaPod Fabrics in San Francisco ( and then stretched over embroidery hoops **Curtains and Chair: Also from Peapod Fabrics in San Francisco and Piedmont Fabric in Oakland CA ( **Wall Decal: bought off amazon **White bookshelves: Ikea **Rug: bought at the Rug Depot in Emeryville, CA **Changing table cover, crib sheets and toys: Skip Hop Treetop friends

Favorite Items

The windchime over Cora's crib. My mom got it in Catalina 4 years ago when my husband I got married. But of course my favorite item in the nursery is our daughter. :)


Don't be afraid to experiment with color! Also, use push pins on the wall to keep the embroidery hoops up. Not only does it make putting them up easy and flexible, it also allows me to reach up and grab any one of them when Cora is on the changing table. She is mesmerized by the patterns. They're also great fans for her little tush!


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    I normally don’t like a mishmash of different colors, but this room is an exemption. I like the way it turned out because it doesn’t look too much to take in.

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    Absolutely beautiful nursery! Love it! What are the corner shelves called from ikea? Searched their website and couldn’t find them. Are they actually corner shelves or did you make them shelves?

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