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Levi’s Superhero Nursery


A superhero themed room that is full of bright colors, fun, and not too baby-ish. 

Design Inspiration

My husband loves superheros and comic books. I made a deal with him that if we had a boy he could have a superhero themed room as long as it wasn't too cheesy. We used the colors and design of  Adam West's Batman as our inspiration. We loved the bright pop-art colors and design. We also wanted a room that Levi could grow into and enjoy and not have to change the design of the room as he got older.

Decorating Style

Eclectic and fun

Project Details

We found details from many different places. We didn't want the room to be too matchy-matchy.
Crib-Graco Lauren

Changing table-Graco Lauren

Rug-Urban Outfitters

Bedding and changing pad cover-Etsy

Artwork above dresser- Found some prints online that we had a graphic designer friend tweak and blow up into large prints.

Collage above couch- Mix of Etsy, vintage comic books, and posters.

Dresser-IKEA Malm

Bookshelf-IKEA Expidit 

Frames-Ikea and Target

Wall shelf-IKEA

Items on shelf-Mix of items we had and items from a vintage flea market.

LEVI-DIY out of old comic books and cardboard letters 

Favorite Items

Our favorite items are all of the different photos behind the couch. It mixes baby-ish superhero prints with more grown up pictures that add fun to the room.


Our advice would be to do what you like and what fits YOUR style. So many people told us that a superhero themed room would be cheesy or silly, but it's what we loved and in the end it turned out great! Also, you don't need to spend a lot of money to make a room look great. We looked in stores, online, at flea markets, and garage sales to put our nursery together. You can find inspiration and decor almost anywhere!

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  1. avatar Bigg Dogg says:

    AWESOME but can anyone spot the superhero in the wrong universe!

  2. avatar Jacqui says:

    i totally love the artwork above the dresser. Would love to know where you got it from also please? Thank you!,

  3. avatar erica says:

    Where can I find that artwork that you have above the dresser? I would love to do something similar.

  4. avatar Lux Blake says:

    Right. Because this room would be completely inappropriate for a little girl. Honestly, ladies come on. #geekgirls

  5. avatar Sarah says:

    I absolutely LOVE this nursery! Could you please share the superhero emblems?! I have searched and searched everywhere. I also tried to send you an email.

  6. avatar Florence Amber says:

    I think that a superhero theme is perfect for boys. You can never go wrong with superheroes. 

  7. avatar mrsnessamoon says:

    That is pretty AWESOME! Super heroes were my second choice for my baby boys nursery. Hubby likes villains because he is a weirdo so we opted for Doctor Who instead.