Blue and Orange Nursery for Baby Boy

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This is a nursery for baby boy that is due to be here soon!  I have always loved decorating, but this has been a whole new level of fun. I loved every moment of decorating this sweet nursery for him. 

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by nautical colors, but not a true nautical theme.  We went with a blue/orange theme and really built around that.  I wanted it to be bold and colorful. 

Decorating Style

My decorating style is definitely colorful, clean lines, and bold. 

Project Details

Crib- Newport Cottages

Bedding- Doodlefish

Monogram- Etsy (

Chair- Consignment, recovered by local business

Ottomon- Pottery Barn

Dresser- Consignment, repainted by me

Small Rocking Chair- vintage, mine as a child

Side table- Pottery Barn Kids

Navy blue canvas toy bucket- Pottery Barn Kids

Bookshelf- Pottery Barn Kids

Rug- Rug and Home in Gaffney, SC

Curtains- Pottery Barn Kids

DIY Projects: 

Pennants, Lamp (found consignment and repainted and pennants added), pillow in chair

Favorite Items

I really loved our crib, it was the starting point for the whole room.  I also love the pillow in the chair, it turned out better than I had planned it. 


My advice would be to not settle when looking for items for your room.  If you cannot find the right item, make it  or alter it yourself!  Do not be afraid to alter/change items that aren't the right color or shape.  Many of the items I had were the wrong colors (shelf, dresser, anchor light switch color, nautical hooks on back of door, lamp) and I just painted them.  Just don't settle :)


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    Where did you get the adorable light switch plate with anchors? That is too perfect!

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    Lauren R.,

    Thanks Lauren R!

    I actually made the pillow. My mom has a monogram machine so I just made the monogram, appliqued it onto the fabric and then sewed the rest of the pillow…pretty simple! I am sure could find something similar on Etsy. Good luck!

  7. 7

    Really like your design! Did you do the beadboard yourself? I am debating on it and looking into costs and amount of work. Thanks!

  8. 8


    We did do the board and batten ourselves. It was relatively very inexpensive. The whole thing (wood, caulk, paint, etc.) cost about $150. I think it made a big difference for not a lot of money. My husband literally watched like a few youtube videos on how to put it up and just figured it out. It really wasn’t that hard! It took a few weeks of part time work, not too bad. You could probably knock it out in a weekend if that’s all you did.

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    I got it at TJ Maxx…it was originally red and blue and I painted it to match the orange theme. Good luck :)

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    OMG, I saw your home for sale on the internet recently and then found this pic on Pinterest and instantly recognized it. I remember wanting to look at your home because of this room {we do blue and orange in our son’s room} and it would have been nice to keep the orange paint! LOL.

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    You should have come by just for a visit :) We are moving next week, hope you found a house!

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