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Whimsical, Meadow Nursery


I designed a whimsical meadow theme nursery for my sweet new addition!

Design Inspiration

My husband purchased a yellow second hand rocking chair and we live in the mountains so I went from there.

Decorating Style

simple and whimsical.

Project Details

Crib/changer: Restoration HardwareChanging pad: Land of NodCrystal knobs on changing table: Urban OutfittersPink Rug: Restoration HardwareStump foot stool/ branch for mobile: TJ Max  I made the butterflies with my cricut and the mobile and banner of flowers hanging on her crib were flowers clips that I bought for her when she has hair someday!  

Favorite Items

I really love the deer mural my older sister painted and the old plates hanging on the wall were my grandmothers!


If you don't have an artist in the family to paint a mural a good old fashion projector will do the trick, paint in layers! 

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  1. avatar Katie says:

    This room is absolutely beautiful! You did an amazing job with color combinations and vintage apparel. I am feeling super inspired. Thank you so much for posting the pictures!

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  3. avatar catej says:

    The the paint color is “robins nest” by benjamin moore :) and I cut out the butterflies with my cricut and tacked them up with that tacky stuff you would use for glow in the dark stars on you ceiling….sorry I can’t think of what it is called but I did buy it at walmart!

  4. avatar Cari says:

    How did you hand the butterflies on the wall? Beautiful room

  5. avatar Lizzy says:

    Love love love! Can u perty please share the paint color! Please with a cherry on top :)

  6. avatar Jenn H says:

    what is the name and brand of this wall color?

  7. avatar catej says:

    Melanie and Alisha the paint color is “robins nest” by benjamin moore :) and Marti we bought the rocker second hand and I have not even been able to find out what brand it is. Sorry!!

  8. avatar melanie says:

    I would love to know what the paint color is????

  9. avatar Mrs.Echon says:

    Reader’s fave.?! Wow! Congratulations once again! I know,this is one of my fave.nurseries! :)

  10. avatar Marti says:

    This is the most adorable nursery I’ve ever seen! Everything flows so well together and the colors are beautiful! I love the rocking chair. Where did you find it? That’s exactly what I had in mind when we were planning my son’s room & I never found the perfect rocker. Maybe next time… ;)

  11. avatar elizabeth says:

    Her room is amazing. Everywhere you turn there is something pretty to gaze at. Enjoy your newest addition ♥

  12. avatar alisha f says:

    This is a BEAUTIFUL room! What is the wall color? We are looking for that same color for our living room and can’t seem to find the exact right shade!

  13. avatar Jennifer says:

    Ditto all of the above – – it is beautiful, personal and one-of-a-kind!

  14. avatar Kailee Cherry says:

    Beautiful space. You did a great job decorating.

  15. avatar Candi says:

    This nursery is one-of-a-kind!!!!

  16. avatar Arli says:

    Super cute!!!!!! You are so talented!

  17. avatar Ginny says:

    Where do I begin?? This nursery is amazing. The attention to detail is amazing. I love the colors. She was able to create a room that was both calming and alive. I can’t wait to peek through her blog and see the rest of her home.

  18. avatar jehannarc says:

    This is stunning! Probably my favorite nursery yet! I love how you worked with items you already had.

  19. avatar Mrs.Echon says:


    Wow! What a wonderful heirloom to pass onto your baby!

  20. avatar catej says:

    Thank you both! Mrs. Echon the white cabinet was actually part of my furniture set when I was a little girl. My Mom purchased it at a little antique shop in Jacksonville Oregon. The Mirror above the changer was part of the same set :)

  21. avatar Kathy C. says:

    This is one of the most unique nursery I’ve ever seen! It’s beautiful! The changing table basket is absolutely adorable! Awesome job!

  22. avatar Mrs.Echon says:

    I LOVE this room! There’s too much for me to mention,but one thing I love about it most is its uniqueness. Meadow theme,nice! Where did you find that distressed,white cabinet? It’s a sweet addition to the room! I adore the wall color,your DIY mobile,and all the cute knick knacks you gathered around on the wall!