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Ten Years of Awesome: Noah’s 10th Birthday Party


when it came to planning my son's 10th birthday, figuring out a theme was a little mind-boggling because he's getting older (but throwing him a party was still important to this party-loving mama!)

ten is such a milestone, so i went kind of easy with celebrating everything this boy means to us, the things he loves (like deloreans, sushi + mac and cheese pizza!), and having fun celebrating his first decade! he loves giving input on his parties, and he chose the bold color palette of red, yellow, green, blue, along with his colorful cake! overall, we wanted to show our boy how much we love him, and how much having him in our lives has meant to us - down to the seconds he's been with us!

when it comes to planning + styling parties, i love to bring the personal elements into the day. whether it be featuring a child's favorite toys or characters, their favorite colors, or foods, i love making the day really about them.