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Gabe’s Woodland Nursery

Gabe’s nursery was inspired by a classical and peaceful Woodland nursery theme.  My husband and I incorporated woodgrain and wooden accessories in his room – as well as friendly forest animal artwork and lovies. We painted his room the color Dew by BEHR to give a peaceful feel.
Gabe’s room is very special because many of the furnishings were handmade by friends and family anxiously awaiting his arrival. I (Gabe’s momma) created the Woodland animal artwork, the cedar side table was made by his daddy, and the crib mobile animals were crafted by Gabe’s Nona.
Woodland Art prints available here! USE CODE “PIN16” for $5 off your purchase of artwork set!
Read more about the making of the cedar side table – Cedar Side table tutorial

Rosie’s Feminine and Fresh Pink, Green and Gold Nursery

This is a nursery I designed for my daughter.  So fun being my own client ;).  I have three wonderful boys and when I was expecting baby number 4, I was hoping so badly for a girl.  My pregnancy was a tough one with lots of worries.  A couple of months before we found out the gender, I was in bed with the flu and pneumonia and just so sick.  I spent days and sleepless nights planning this nursery- I think it got me through!  Finding out we were having a girl and then watching the room come to life was incredible and such a rewarding experience. We are renting, so with that comes some tricky challenges to overcome, but I’m so pleased with the result and I feel like I can move the room to a new home and that the pieces can really grow with my daughter as she gets older.

Rustic Modern Nursery/Guest Room

This rustic modern nursery was designed from scratch on a small budget between $1,000 and $1,500. The goal was to provide a space that could be used as a guest room as well as a nursery, so the decor needed to be “adult” enough for any visitors, but with a nod to nursery.
The design aesthetic of rustic modern came from the blending of all the elements in the clients’ home so that the room fit seamlessly with the rest of their house. The final product uses primarily neutrals – grey, cream, beige (or gold, really) – but has just a touch of peach hinted throughout.