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Owl-Themed “Little Boy Room”

I call this a “little boy room” because it’s not quite a nursery and not quite a “big boy room” either! My little guy is 18 months old…He had an owl themed-nursery from the day he was born! When we moved this past summer, I was faced with having to set up a brand new room. Although he had outgrown the baby-ish-ness of his old room, we weren’t quite ready for a full decor overhaul. Instead, I just updated his owl nursery to have a slightly more grown up feel – that will hopefully last for a little while longer until we are ready to do a big boy room. You can read all about this room HERE!

Sara’s Eclectic Playroom

I started off Sara’s playroom after she turned 1. As she got her footings strong on the ground she got very mobile and active. I wanted to create a safe place for her to explore and have plenty of space to roam around..She loves it there. It keeps her mind and tiny hands occupied for a good couple of hours..New toys keep adding up but both of us can’t part with her old ones, so we are glad we have plenty of space to store all her treasures..It’s a space for her and i don’t mind being there myself for countless hours..Keeping it fun and functional was my priority.

Fabulously Theme-less First Birthday

Hello Again! As if my Wilhelmina’s “Fabulously Theme-less Nursery” wasn’t enough, I decided to go for a “Fabulously Theme-less First Birthday” to celebrate our glorious first 12 months with our girl.  We decided to throw a fairly simple party, on a beautiful November day, in the shade of the trees in our side yard. Our home is right next door to a neighborhood park so it was an ideal location for all of W’s friends to join us for some cupcakes and BBQ and a fun day of playing in the park.

Beachy and Whimsical Surfboy Bedroom

I designed and decorated this room for my own “big boy” when I was pregnant with my second, and was looking for something that two little California beach boys could grow into and ultimately share.  I was very inspired by a photo of the bedding in the Serena and Lily catalog but put my own spin on it with black furniture, a rather random collection of surfer and beach art and photography, and a hand-painted surfboard.  The walls are bold green and there is an occasional hint of orange in the room.  Photos by Jackie Culmer Photography.

A Home Run Nursery for Baby Derek

When we found out we were having a little boy, we just knew we had to do a baseball-themed nursery! My husband is a huge Yankees fan, so we chose a gray, blue, and white color scheme and used vintage baseball touches and artwork throughout. We chose furniture pieces that could last through several theme changes as our child ages and has his own opinion, and pieces that provided plenty of flexible storage, like a dresser as a storage table and canvas cubes in a bookcase along with wall shelves for more books and knick knacks.

Pearcy’s Colorful Nursery

We have tried for years to have a child and when our dream finally came true, we wanted to create a super fun and colorful nursery.   I didn’t want a room that was a sea of pastel colors.  I wanted a room that would grow with her.  I also wanted to incorporate lots of different fabrics and as much color as possible.  My ultimate goal was to try to create a room that maybe some day she would be happy to call it her own.
We did not tell anyone her name until she got here.  We all called her Sparkle during the pregnancy.

Colorful & Patterned Nursery

I wanted Ezekiel’s nursery to be colorful and fun without any real theme.  I always loved patterns, such as stripes and chevron, so I started there.  In order for the room to be colorful, but not too overwhelming, we painted the walls grey and had the carpets and crib grey as well.  Then we added touches of our favorite colors – green, teal, orange, and yellow – in fun patterns.

Le Petit World Traveler

To create a relaxing and welcoming space for our little one that reflected a life of traveling and discovery (those from the past and those to come). I wanted to incorporate objects from around the world as well as books from my childhood (in Spanish) and accents from Brussels (my husband’s home town). As we often have family/friends visiting from overseas it was a must to have a daybed! We love the one we found and the six large storage baskets underneath will surely come handy for toys, linens and diapers.