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Baby Boy’s Woodland Adventure Nursery

My husband and I celebrated our first honeymoon and his 29th birthday with a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, last spring.  We spent 5 days exploring the wilderness and going on adventure tours to scope out animals.  Fast forward 8 months…we found out we were expecting and went to Home Goods for a fun celebration trip and to possibly purchase something for the baby.
We ended up looking at the decorating section of the store and decided to each pick out a focal point print for the room, his if it was a boy, mine if it was a girl.  He chose a moose (inspired by Jackson Hole) and I chose an elephant (I have always wanted a safari themed nursery).  The news came that we are having a boy and the moose print he picked became the inspiration.
I don’t decorate a ton but when I do, it’s a slow process.  I purchase things one at a time and figure everything out gradually.  My goal was to first get the furniture in the room and keep it very neutral with all grays and whites.  After that, I would hang artwork, decor, that could be swapped out for my future safari nursery.  Also, I wanted items that could be used again and would not be nursery exclusive.
As I mentioned we first bought the moose print as our inspiration piece.  We then picked out the color of paint for the walls, painted them…then came the furniture, one piece at a time.  The rug, then crib, then dresser, then chair, all staying primarily white and gray.  Then I found the pouf (for a little color) and the gray roller cart.  After that came the adorable baby animal prints, masks, and lastly the quote on the wall.
I had a million screenshots saved in my phone of different potential items but most ended up getting deleted along the way because it wouldn’t end up matching after I saw what the rug looked like, or what the baby animal prints looked like.
Furniture first.  Then artwork!

Soothing Woodland Nursery

Soothing Woodland Nursery

We were so excited to have as a second child a sweet baby boy! First, I really wanted to re-use all the main furniture as dresser, crib, chair, floor lamp from our previous girl nursery, so we got to changes  only few accessories, the blackout fabrics, the  bedding and some art frames. And the wall paint color was already a big transformation. When we bought the house, it was a two bedrooms home, so we decided to add a third bedroom as the nursery, knowing we were expecting a boy I right away wanted a wall wainscoting look We wanted a soothing nursery theme, which for me come with some soft green, orange, and cream and grey combo.

Woodland Nursery

The Woodlands Nursery

Jon and I wanted to create a woodlands themed baby nursery that is both vintage rustic and elegant. We went for neutral tones of grays and whites to be able to stay true to the feel we wanted. We also wanted a calm and serene area where we can enjoy spending time with our son. This is why we came up with a lot of design ideas which we were able to incorporate such as the decision of purchasing pieces of furniture like the Jenny Lind crib, changing table, and the woodwork accents that were mostly crafted by Jon.
We did work on a budget which was below 2000 USD and we ended up spending 1700 USD. Adding our personal touches to it definitely kept the price reasonably low and we are extremely proud and happy with how it all turned out; just as how we pictured it in our heads and even so much more. The DIY projects we’ve done added so much to the room’s unique features that are probably not seen very often.
The best tips we could share to soon-to-be parents out there are:
1.) Come up with a theme and figure out how to execute a timeless design inspiration; something that never goes out of trend or something that you yourself will never get tired of appreciating.
2.) Another thing is, if you are on budget, always try to stick to it and never put your DYI-ing talent to waste. Although we must admit that we cannot really do complicated DIY projects so we worked with the ones that we know we can do and just made the most out of it – this definitely saves you all the stress and pressure.  We also avoided looking at items that were way beyond our budget by just looking into the best options that are price tag-friendly.
3.) Lastly, we think the best tip we can share is to just enjoy the process and never try to bite more than what you can chew. Just try to see it as an avenue for you guys to bond and enjoy the results afterwards.
To us, what really  ties the entire room together is the bible verse on the wall. We were truly inspired in creating this room for our son because we want him to grow with it and him knowing that he is a blessing to us and it will always stay that way. We also want him to know that God hand-crafted him perfectly to fit into our lives and us into his.

Baby Elsborg’s Woodland Adventures Nursery

We are so excited to have our first baby boy this October and wanted to design a nursery that brought nature/mountains/woods to life. My parents were in town for two weeks and with their help, we were able to transform the entire room into a Woodland Adventure!
The inspiration for the nursery theme came from a recent ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado and I knew I wanted to incorporate the mountains into the design of the nursery. I started by putting together a Pinterest board with pictures and ideas I liked and then started to see if there was a common theme. After building out the Pinterest board, I slowly got rid of “pins” that wouldn’t work well together or clashed with the theme. The room 11′ x 13′ started with beige walls and the current carpet, and we completed projects based on biggest design impact (mountain wall) to smallest (stuffed animals).
Hope y’all enjoy!

Contemporary Woodland Forest Nursery

Contemporary Woodland Forest Nursery

Picking a nursery theme that can transition to a more mature room was tricky! We wanted a very sleek and contemporary design that was still appropriate for our son’s room, so we decided on a woodland forest theme. We wanted to invest in nicer pieces, so that meant simple and classic furniture selections.The aspen forest wallpaper was the perfect solution, as it gave us the contemporary vibe we sought, as well as a theme we could further execute with less expensive additions. The colorful frog artwork provided a youthful feel, but could easily be changed out later as our son’s tastes and personal preferences emerge! The ultra-soft white shag rug was a play on snow, but also made of easy to clean fibers in case of accidents. Baby’s birthstone is aquamarine, which also happened to be mom’s favorite color, so our palette was the obvious choice! My favorite part of this design is the real aspen trees we clustered in the corner. We mounted them through the ceiling by drilling holes down through the tops from the attic to ensure they were sturdy and safe! Pulling together our woodland theme was so much fun, and now it has become a comfortable space for the three of us to spend time together!

Simon’s Neutral Woodland Inspired Nursery

I never cared much about interior design or decorating when my first two kiddies were born so we just chose some furniture and a bedding set and called it good. When I found out I was pregnant with Simon, I knew I wanted to start with a clean slate to decorate his nursery. We sold the dark cherry baby furniture we used previously and I started pinning and keeping my eye out for good deals I could incorporate into Simon’s nursery. We didn’t find out the gender while I was pregnant because we wanted to be surprised so I knew I was going to decorate with a neutral color palette with a little pop of color. My main inspiration was a woodland fabric from Birch Fabrics that is cream and grey with pops of color from darling little woodland creatures. I also knew I wanted a Jenny Lind style crib and I got one for free at a garage sale and painted it white. The chair was also free and I reupholstered it in cream fabric and I bought a rocking, swivel base to turn it into a rocker. The dresser was a $25 craigslist find that I painted white. The bookshelf was something I already had. It was black and I painted it white also. The end table and lamp are both goodwill finds, both of which I painted. I built the book ledges out of scrap pallet wood and painted those white as well. I got the tree slice from the craft store and painted it with chalkboard paint and added the scripture (I did the typography in photoshop) by wax paper transfer then went over it with a paint pen. I made the name banner by printing letters on iron on transfer and ironing them on my fabric. I got the antlers at hobby lobby and spray painted them. The blanket hanging over the back of the rocker is one that my grandma (she passed away when I was 15) made for my aunt when she was pregnant and when I found out I was pregnant with my first, she sent it to me as a gift. It is very special to us. The pillow was made by her as well. The fox fabric bin is from target. I got the photo frame and clock at Ikea. The stuffed animals were gifts and the baskets and hamper I purchased at Meijer. There are a few more things I’d like to do, like change out the light fixture and put in hardwoods but I knew if I waited until it was “perfect” I’d never share my project. Thanks for looking!

Rocky Mountain Retreat Nursery

Reyn’s Rocky Mountain Retreat Nursery

Baby Reyn’s Rocky Mountain Retreat Nursery was a labor of love for the new parents, and we were happy to help! The family loves the mountains, and wanted to bring a bit of it back to Texas for baby Reyn’s nursery design. We combined several design trends in this nursery, including the popular Deer Baby Bedding, and Woodland decor to come up with the perfect combination of mint, gray, and gold for the new arrival.
Design Tip: The adorable snow capped mountains are chalk board paint!

Modern Nature Inspired Nursery

Arlo’s Modern Nature Inspired Nursery

When planning our son’s nursery, I wanted to create a bright and cheerful space that felt youthful and boyish. The initial inspiration came from a Mary Blair print we got at Disneyland, but after choosing his middle name, Wilder; the theme pivoted towards a natural woodland theme with animals and arrows.
We are renting so the decor decisions needed to be easily changeable. I created a bold statement wall behind the crib using removable decals. The nightstand and dresser were customized with wood knobs, to tie together the wood tones in the room. Teepees, arrows and woodland animals helped round out the theme, along with some of our favorite kid-like tchotchkes displayed on vintage steel shelves in the reading nook. My favorite items are the turkish blanket hanging on the crib and the custom bench cushion. To top it all off, we updated the lighting fixtures with vintage inspired shades from Schoolhouse Electric, and got a customized piece from Etsy above the changing table with Arlo’s name spelled out in rope.

Modern Woodland Nursery

Jett’s Modern Woodland Nursery

My husband and I both love the outdoors, however, I have recently developed a love for contemporary decor! We went ahead and tried our hands at creating a nursery for our baby boy that is modern and woodland inspired, but still whimsical. From the handmade wood wall to the framed pictures of my brother fishing, the whole room is filled with personal touches.

Woodland Nursery

Wyatt’s Woodland Nursery

We wanted our nursery to be a place that we wanted to be!  We chose calm colors and simple decor.  We decided to mix and match our furniture instead of going with a set.  I bought a lot of the decoration items from local vendors as well as Etsy shops.  We were really inspired by the birch tree wall paper.  After picked that out, the rest of the nursery came into place.

Woodland Nursery

Woodland Nursery

Being a designer myself, I was so excited to get started on decorating the nursery as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Not knowing initially if I was having a boy or a girl I chose some gender neutral ideas & themes. The nursery I decided would be a woodland themed nursery featuring the mountains I painted on the wall. I chose a mid century modern style crib from babyletto & did an IKEA hack to the tarva dresser, which also acts as our changing table. The color theme came from the triangle quilt I made when I found out I was having a baby girl. I really liked having the contrast of neutral grey and cream off of the dark teal, pink and yellow-gold. Once we found out we were having a girl the room slowly started to become a little more feminine and bohemian. The 3 woodland illustrations above the crib are from Children Inspire Design. The dream catcher mobile is a DIY project I did inspired by a mobile I saw on Etsy. One of my friends sent the tee pee to us from Etsy seller BangarangBaby, which completed the room perfectly.

Woodland Girl's Nursery in Mint, Coral, and Gray

Woodland Girl’s Nursery in Mint, Coral, and Gray

I’m not an overly “girly girl,” so when I found out we were having a girl, I knew I didn’t want her nursery to drown in hot pink and vibrant purples. I also knew I wanted to stay far away from princess and fairy tale themes. So I decided to use gentle, soothing colors like mint, coral pink, and light gray. My husband and I also love the outdoors, so I thought a woodland themed nursery might impart some of this love of nature to our daughter.
I started first with trying to find crib sheets that would work with the colors and theme. It was really hard to find feminine woodland themed prints, as most are very boyish or in mostly dark greens and browns. Most of the feminine ones I saw were the colors I mentioned earlier that I wanted to avoid. Fortunately I discovered Lolli Living and their “Sparrow” nursery line. I loved the colors, and the theme was spot on! From here, finding matching pieces was fairly easy, and you will see I really lucked out between Target and Etsy.
I absolutely adore this nursery and how it turned out. It is my first decorating project, and I’m happy to know that my daughter has a beautiful, peaceful place to sleep and grow!

Rustic Woodland Nursery

Emerson’s Rustic Woodland Nursery

We intended to keep Emerson’s nursery “simple” with just a grey, navy, and white theme; however, my husband fell in love with the wood pallet wall idea on Pinterest and our design took more rustic approach–for the better I’d say! Lots of DIY, surfing Pinterest, and meshing of ideas later… We ended up with a Rustic Woodland theme mixing classic, contemporary, and rustic style for our little man’s nursery!

Mint and Grey Woodlands Nursery

Liam’s Mint and Grey Woodlands Nursery

So excited to share Baby Liam’s nursery!  Inspired by the woodlands theme with a modern twist using mint and grey.  Starting inspiration was the crib bedding by Giggle Six Baby and it gave the feel for the entire room.  I had to customize the bumper to work on my crib since the crib I chose did not have any corner post to tie the bumpers onto. The soft mint and grey was the perfect tone to create the calm feel that I wanted for my nursery.  Keeping with the soft tones we went with a light grey crib from Babies R Us and a white sideboard for a change table from Ikea.  The chair was from my daughter’s nursery and it fit right into baby Liam’s nursery.
I have an incredibly talented sister who made the window for above the bed and my sister in law created the mobile to go with my theme.  I love the moose on the change table and the arrow coat rack adding to the rustic feel of the room.

Rustic Chic Woodland Nursery

Rustic Chic Woodland Nursery

My husband and I built our very own house last year! It was probably one of the most stressful times in our lives but it was so totally worth it as we are now living in our dream home. We moved in on our third wedding anniversary, November 3, 2015. Just five short days into living here we found out we were expecting our first baby! I guess the new house bought us a little luck. I am a bit of what my husband likes to call an “impatient perfectionist”, which basically means the house was decorated top to bottom within a week of living in it. Great for aesthetics, terrible for our bank account! Anyway, once the house was pretty much done I turned my attention to the nursery. I knew exactly which room would be home to our newest addition – the smaller guest room in the front of the house with large windows overlooking the front yard and beautiful lighting. I have to tell you, as much as I absolutely love decorating and design, the nursery really through me for a loop for awhile! Being a first time mom the line between pretty and practical can get a bit blurred. I knew I didn’t want a very traditional nursery, this should be a space that I would enjoy being in often as well as a cozy, warm space that would grow with baby. I also knew I would really have to be a bit thrifty with my finds since we had just finished building and decorating an entire house! As soon as we found out it was a boy my eyes immediately took to pinterest and of course project nursery to get some “nursery inspo”. After much too many hours of clicking through what all looked to be the most perfectly styled nurseries and also in keeping with a theme we have throughout the house, I decided I wanted to go with a more rustic vibe. The woodland theme seems to be trending now so I came across a lot of ideas and decided to incorporate that as well. My first “woodland” purchase were the baby animal prints from James River Studios on Etsy. I just thought they were so sweet and not as cartoony as many I had seen. I found these cool rustic hanging picture frames at home goods and this was basically my inspiration for the room. At first I had thought of doing a very neutral color scheme, but little by little aqua starting working its way in – which is kind of ironic since aqua was my favorite color as a child! Now I am in love with the little pops of colors, from the tribal pillow and the woodland bedding to the hand painted L’s on the bookshelves, everything really tied together perfectly. It took awhile to figure out what to do on the wall behind the crib – I wanted to do some sort of feature wall but two sets of stencils later I ripped it down and enlisted the help of my very talented friend to paint something. I found a cool picture of a white birch tree mural and we went full steam ahead. I could not be happier with the way it came out! It is rustic and whimsy and so much more real looking than stencils! I love the room so much that I often find myself just sitting in the glider looking out the window. Can’t wait for the new tenant to move in in just a couple of short months!

Woodland Nursery

Wesley’s Woodland Nursery

We wanted to bring the outdoors in with this woodland nursery fit for a young Texan boy. The centerpiece of this nursery is a handmade tree custom built for this project and decked out with woodland creatures of all varieties. With deer print crib linens in a chic grey, white and navy color scheme, we wanted a masculine look with a contemporary feel.
The three dimensional tree trunk and tree limbs were constructed with a wood frame, wrapped with chicken wire then finished with paper mache to give the tree the texture of bark. It was then painted an iridescent white to give it a whimsical feel with some grey shading to give it depth. Additional limbs were painted directly on the wall and artificial leaves were spray painted white and adhered to the wall.
A rope swing with baby’s name hangs above the changing table and it too was adorned with furry woodland animals. Finally, a grapevine wreath mobile with miniature animals and stuffed deer head complete the look of this whimsical woodland nursery.

Woodland Fox Nursery

Woodland Fox Nursery

I wanted to do a nursery theme that was fun to create and add things in on my own. I knew I wanted to do a forest animal theme with a tribal/ Indian touch. My grandmas sister sews and after finding my fox and arrow fabric, I knew it was going to make an adorable nursery.

Tiny Woodland Nursery

Tiny Woodland Nursery

We were living in a 600 square foot one bedroom apartment when we had our son.  I literally had 1/4 of a bedroom to make a nursery.  We decided to use a full crib instead of a bassinet and chose a Poang rocker for the small space (scored on Craigslist for $30).
My inspiration was the National Parks, but there was so much cute woodland-themed things to pick from, the room ended up with a lot of cute woodland items.
The quilt was the starting point of the room and, though many colors were used throughout the room, I focused on orange, teal, and gray for most of the decorations.
The picture above the dresser was one I took in Yosemite, one of our favorite vacations.  The dresser was in my own nursery!  The bookshelf was cheap from Target and I covered the back with fabric in the same line as the quilt.
I hung pictures of family members as babies above the crib as a lightweight decoration.
A friend sewed the bed skirt (wood grain pattern) from fabric I found at Jo-Ann’s.

Forest Fresh Nursery

Forest Fresh Nursery

We were inspired by our home, Colorado.  We wanted to bring the outdoors in while maintaining a colorful and yet relaxing nursery.   We picked a few items such as the quilt made by soon to be Grandma Susie and the curtains. These items pop by maintaining a neutral palette for the rest of the room.  We added character to the room by incorporating unique items we found along the way.
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Gabe’s Woodland Nursery

Gabe’s nursery was inspired by a classical and peaceful Woodland nursery theme.  My husband and I incorporated woodgrain and wooden accessories in his room – as well as friendly forest animal artwork and lovies. We painted his room the color Dew by BEHR to give a peaceful feel.
Gabe’s room is very special because many of the furnishings were handmade by friends and family anxiously awaiting his arrival. I (Gabe’s momma) created the Woodland animal artwork, the cedar side table was made by his daddy, and the crib mobile animals were crafted by Gabe’s Nona.
Woodland Art prints available here! USE CODE “PIN16” for $5 off your purchase of artwork set!
Read more about the making of the cedar side table – Cedar Side table tutorial