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Family, Play, and Laundry Room

I’d like to bring to you today a project that I’ve recently finished. This was a challenging project as the client had a very short period of time to execute it (It was done in 10 days), The budget was very limited, and the room needed to function as a Laundry room, Play room, and a Family room due to a baby being born into the family about 2 years earlier- now a toddler who needs her own informal space to play and thrive in.
The design needed to be functional, kids friendly, spacious looking, and colorful while serving all purposes.

The family wanted to conceal all of the laundry appliances, baskets, ironing table, and drying rack when not used and thus I designed a custom aluminum closet with perforations to allow the humidity to escape. The closets were made to match the existing wall to wall, floor to ceiling aluminum closets used for storage along the wall.
The walls needed a lot of work as it had a lot of cracks, peeling plaster, and leakage marks so we had some plaster work to be done that was then followed by primer and a beautiful sky blue paint.
The dining table and chairs were already in the house, we just moved them over from another space in the villa so that they serve a better purpose in this room.


Nairi’s Moon and Stars Nursery

I wanted to do something very special for my little princess. It all started with painting the wall with my friend, and from then on I chose furniture, lights etc.


Jacks Dream Rug/Room

This was all about creating a space he wanted to spend time in. We wanted him to play a part in making some of the decor choices which makes him love his new big boy room that much more.

Green, Gold and Pink Nursery

Leighton’s Green, Gold and Pink Nursery

Leighton’s green, gold and pink nursery is colorful, fun, and personal — a space I think she’ll enjoy being in and that will grow with her for many years. We incorporated special pieces from family and friends, custom artwork, and some great color to make it a unique space for her.


Grayson’s Modern Grey, Navy and White Nursery

When we found out we were pregnant I already knew regardless of having a boy or girl we would have a modern and neutral nursery filled mostly with greys and white with elephants. If it was a girl, we would have added coral for a pop of color, but when we found out we were having a boy, it was all about adding navy.  I loved every minute of planning the nursery for my sweet boy and it ended up being perfect!


Baby L’s Pink and Gray Nursery

We wanted a calm, soft space with some old and new elements mixed in. The room features some vintage blankets, hints of metallics, retro starburst mirrors, and lots of fluffy white and sheepskin!

Woodland Glam Gender Neutral Nursery

Gender Neutral Nursery for Twins, Woodland Glam

I wanted to create a woodland nursery, but wanted it to be more sophisticated and of course gender neutral. I fell in love with gold rub and buff and realized how easy it is to make anything inexpensive look a little more upscale (even plastic!). I was definitely sticking to a tight budget so I DIY’d as much as possible and working in a tiny space for twins.


Blakes DIY Tribal Nursery

I would probably describe Blake’s nursery as Tribal Glam.  A mix of wild animals, patterns, bold colors and of course a touch of gold.


Simon’s Alphabet/Geeky Nursery

We wanted a nursery that was functional, fun, gender neutral, and showcased our love for all things GEEK.  We picked out the crib bedding first – Babyletto Alphabet – and used the bright colors and alphabet items in it all around the room.  We used graphic prints inspired by our favorite sci-fi shows and movies as most of the artwork and even had Gillian Anderson (Scully/X-Files) sign one for Simon!


Vintage Cottage Nursery

We added DIY wainscoting to give a cottage feel. We went with a gender neutral pallet before we knew the sex of the baby. The walls are painted moonshine by Benjamin Moore.

DIY Rainbow Book Ledges

DIY Rainbow Book Ledges

I’ve been in LOVE with the color bar ledges from The Land of Nod for as long as I can remember. But at $30 a pop, the total price to create the whole rainbow was little steep. So I took matters (and lumber!) into my own hands and made this fabulous hack for a fraction of the cost!
Full details here at my blog.

Aqua and Gray Nursery

A Perfectly Pretty Bird-Themed Nursery for Less Than $150

Being a second child doesn’t mean your nursery hand-me-downs have to look like it. This perfectly pretty turquoise, yellow and pink bird-themed nursery, featured on A Happy Hue, cost less than $150 to put together and the results are stunning.


Girly and Floral Big Girl Room

I couldn’t find any bedding that I loved enough for my daughters room. I didn’t want to paint and I wanted to keep her black furniture from her nursery, along with some wall hangings and lamps so I needed to find something that incorporated all those colors. I found one option but it was unavailable so I decided if I can’t find what I want, I’m just going to make it. B had this Matilda Jane Platinum top that I fell in love with and it dawned on me that I should try and use that as inspiration for her room. So using her top inspiration I decorated a floral and girly room for my daughter. I added a lot of little personal touches and ended up doing a lot of DIY projects. Scanning the aisles of Michael’s can sometimes be a dangerous thing ;)

Turquoise Changing Table with Peg Board

“Heavy on the DIY” Boy’s Nursery

We wanted to create a space that we’d look forward to spending time in.  My husband and I didn’t want the nursery to end up being just another room we didn’t fully utilize.  If it was beautiful and functional, we would love to be in there!  We also wanted his nursery to not have that “baby look” and be something that he will grow into.


A Brave Little Girl’s Modern Aztec Nursery

This modern aztec nursery is a perfect place for a sweet little girl to call her own. With a modern, aztec feel to the space and the addition of bright colors in an otherwise black and white space, we love bringing the unexpected into her room through color, texture and meaningful items.

Coastal Toddler Room

Tatum’s Coastal Toddler Room

I loved my daughters nursery, so when we found out we were expecting again I knew I wanted to keep the decor and transform it into a toddler room for her.