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Kitty Themed Party Cat Art

Kitty Themed 1st Birthday Party

For my daughters 1st birthday party, I decided on a kitty theme. She loves our cat and it has been one of her first words. I painted a pink kitty to be displayed. I also want to take her photo next to the kitty each year on her birthday to see how she has grown.
I found a darling red and white fabric to use for our tablecloth. I then used old tin cans to hold flowers cut from our yard. The plastic kitties I bought online and the kids liked playing with them.
The cake was in the shape of a kitty, sort of. You get the idea:) I used coconut on top to look like fur.
I took my daughters photo on the same day once a week so I ended up with 52 photos. I hung those on string with clothes pins to admire her photos while we ate. We liked seeing how she has grown and deciding who she looks like.
I cut fabrics in circles and squares and sewed them together to create the garland that I hung from the ceilings in the dining room, living room and kitchen.
I also purchased honeycomb tissue balls to hang together as 3 and then hang from the ceiling.
I made kitty ears out of gray fabric hot glued onto plastic headbands. The inner part of the ear on a kitty that is normally pink, was red and pink from our fabric. They are laying next to the picture of the cake.
We had a salad bar for supper. My daughter likes to eat blueberries, plain chicken, avocado and I wanted to serve something she would enjoy. I bought to go boxes from Publix and precut all of my salad toppings. It was beautiful and really good.

Boy Red and White Nursery Monogrammed Wall

Zane’s Nursery

Our sweet baby boy’s nursery a modern take on a football themed room.

Boy Owl Nursery Room View

Jackson’s Owl Themed Nursery

This is for our 2nd baby and we are thinking we would like at least four children…SO with that, we wanted to select a theme that could work for both a boy and girl…we did find out the gender and expecting a sweet baby boy this September.  However, if the third or fourth child is a girl, we can definitely reuse elements of this design theme.
Also this room prior to becoming our second nursery was one of two guest bedrooms and housed my husband’s secondary work space.  His one request was to leave that area for when he needs peace & quiet.  I told him just for a few months!  We plan on keeping Jackson with us in our room on the first floor for the first couple months so breastfeeding can go smoothly.  He’ll sleep in his newborn napper pack-n-play unit.

Alejandro’s MARVEL Universe

Our son is a huge Marvel fan, so when he told me wanted his room decorated with superhero’s I had to really figure out how I could do it without making it look overdone. His room is also small so I had to find furniture that could also act as storage.

Parker’s Nursery

The palette: Navy, white, gray & pops of red. What you see: Navy and white zig zag bedding from Pottery Barn; An old black dresser transformed into a new one with white paint and navy trim (and new knobs from Etsy); A striped accent wall (you know I love that for a nursery!); Three freshly painted gray walls; Navy & white area rug; Red & white ores; Art work from Etsy; White book case from Target (I know, shocking!); Custom made grommet drapery and shades with black out lining of course; And adorable accessories on display. Photographed by: Lynn Abesera

Benjamin’s Colorful Pad

I knew I wanted something bright, colorful and fun. We eventually found out we were expecting a boy, however, this room is still pretty gender neutral and most of the elements could work for either a boy or girl.

Ashlynn's Little Room 1

Ashlynn’s Little Room

We moved into a new home when Ashlynn was 9 months old, finally at 1 year her room is slowly transitioning from a newborn nursery to a toddler room.

Sesame Street Birthday Party

At a tender age of not quite 2, it was obvious that my daughter loved three things: my cell phone, my high heels, and SESAME STREET. I think I can officially state for the record that Elmo was the first love of her life. So, picking her party theme was a no-brainer. I was on a budget, and her party included a lot of DIY projects to save money, but it still turned out cute as could be, very colorful, and an event to remember.

Milo’s Creative Cabin

Our mission with this nursery was to create a fun, functional space that was true to our personalities. A lot of time and thought went into each and every detail. We had DIY projects, we re-purposed old furniture and shopped for unique items to use as accessories. We placed an emphasis on developing a place that will inspire Milo to be the creative, fun-loving child we hope him to be and we did it!

Modern Retro Nursery

The brief for this was to create a colourful, fun & modern space that would grow with the bub.

Amara’s Travel Nursery

We wanted Amara’s nursery to reflect two of our favorite things: travel and reading. Almost every piece in the nursery came from our own travels and all of the books are books from mine, my husband’s, and my nephew’s childhood, making every part of this nursery especially meaningful.
At the same time, we wanted this nursery to transition with our daughter as she grows older so we converted the walk-in closet into a mini playroom that she can use as her own play nook when she’s older. We used neutral white fixtures and furniture so that she can decide on her own favorite color for her room as she gets older.

Samuel & Stella’s Fun Farm First Birthday

My twins’ nursery is a rustic farm theme so naturally I wanted to extend that theme into their first birthday.  Once I fully committed myself to the project, I spent nearly two months pulling ideas together, crafting, and creating the perfect first birthday party for my twins.  I had a blast…oh, and so did my little cuties!

Poppy Red, Coral and Pink Nursery

We wanted a clean aesthetic that flowed with the style of the rest of our home which has an earthy modern feel.  The goal was to develop a calming space with colors and fabrics that would grow along with our little girl.  We kept the walls fairly neutral and used a color palette of poppy red, coral and orchid pink to give the room some personality.
Photos courtesy of Sarah Maxey Photography.

Candy Land Party

Colorful, fun, and bright event that brings the childhood board game to life!