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Kenley’s Nursery

As soon as I found out I was having a girl, I knew that I wanted a modern beachy nursery with bright colors. Lots of love and DIY projects went into this room!

Zachary’s Classic Nursery

The nursery is painted a buttery yellow and the style is classic and preppy – boyish but not babyish. Colors are plaids, stripes and other patterns in primary shades of blue, red, yellow, and green, along with white.  The overall design aesthetic is one of discovery, exploration, and curiosity. The main furnishings are dark mahogany and cherry, with wall accents in driftwood/barnwood gray. 

Gray and Pink Nursery with a Splash of Green

Crafty bedroom with gray and pink and a dash of green.Putting together Penelope’s nursery was one of the most fun things I’ve done. I can’t say that my husband would agree as he had tons of IKEA furniture to put together. I have to say that her room is my favorite in the house. It’s the nicest and the one that’s most well put together.

Beau’s Nursery

My husband and I are expecting our first child on June 1st, 2012. This is his nursery!

Chase’s Black, White & Yellow Nursery

Introducing a bold, black and white nursery with punches of primary colors. When it came to my second child, I could no longer pull off that dreamy, soft and serene nursery. Instead, I worked with lots of primary colored toys, hand me downs and his big brother’s nursery furniture. We also happen to be moving to an NYC apt in just a few months so it was also important for me not so spend a lot of time or money on this project.

London’s Nursery

I wanted a modern, fun, memorable nursery that would grow with my son. I tried rearranging the furniture so many times! Finally, I found the best placement that allows room to play and showcases all of London’s toys and furniture.

Maybre’s Daisy Garden Nursery

Daisy Garden theme. Flowers, butterflies, and paisleys. Bright and bold. Full of life and growth. Was all ideas for my daughter’s room. I wanted a homemade look and with in my budget.

Whimsical Tree and Owl

This room was designed for my older daughter (DOB 7/11/10). I wanted a theme which would grow with her, and I could alter the bedding if I tired of it. The daybed in the room has the Brooke bedding from Pottery Barn Kids, and the crib has the fitted sheet from that collection. The curtains and pillow shams custom made.

Elsie’s Nursery

We wanted to create a nursery that was cheery, bright, and girly, without looking babyish. We found the bedding first (Land of Nod) and created everything around the bedding, focusing on various shades of pink and bright green. We used a few of my husband’s favorite records from his childhood on one wall and polka dot decals on the other wall. The finishing touches were the polka dot curtains from Pottery Barn Kids, a Mod Rocker, a flower tissue paper mobile from Etsy (PomLove), and a pink ceiling lamp from Ikea.

Reece Nursery

My mom has a keen eye for decorating, so she helped a lot! I created all the artwork and the wall and room decor and had so much fun putting it all together. I picked out the fabrics for the crib skirt and window treatments and couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out! Sadly (but also happily), my daughter is just about to be ousted from this room as her baby sister is coming in 9 weeks! Now it is off to design a big girl room! Submitted by : Ashley