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Grey, Yellow, Striped Nursery Changer

Owen’s Grey & Yellow Room

We didn’t find out our baby’s gender, so wanted to find a gender neutral design that we could easily add pops of color to down the road. We started with grey and white, and then added in the yellow bedding, storage baskets and art to brighten it up.
In order to get the room ready, we built a custom radiator cover to incorporate more storage and cover up the ugly radiator. We also installed new hardwood floors. The closet previously had a very narrow door, so we widened the opening and are currently using curtains as doors: helps add some color, keeps little fingers free from pinching and is much cheaper than custom doors!

Vintage Gray Nursery Glider

Declan’s Vintage Grey Nursery

I’d been dreaming up ideas for my son’s nursery as soon as we found out he was on his way.  Knowing we’d probably be spending a lot of sleepless nights in this space I really strived to create a soothing and inviting place using a variety of fabrics in greys and creams.  I also brought in some vintage touches for a more rustic feel.  I tried to get as creative as I could with the budget so the room is filled with lots of diy projects.  For more you can visit us at

Beach Inspired Nursery Crib

Marley’s Beach Inspired Nursery

Marley lives near the beach in Australia and I worked with his Mum & Dad before he was born to create a sophisticated, classic and slight beachy nursery.

Gray and Orange Eclectic Room Crib

Peeper’s Place

A sweet, neutral nursery created with lots and lots of love for our first baby, “Peeper”.

Girl Gray DIY Nursery Room View

Noora’s Nursery

I wanted to create a serene and elegant nursery for Noora that highlighted the things that matter most to us: reading and discovery, family and friends, and our Arab heritage.  I chose a soft color palette of light grey walls, white furniture, and accents of pink, blue and beige.  The theme is both soft/floral and storybook-based.  The nursery is full of personal touches and gifts including a couple of DIY projects, a framed cross-stitch from my sister, many books that are gifts from close friends and family, a cute Arabic alphabet poster to remind Noora of the joys of reading and her heritage and a knit sweater from grandma.

Gray and Pink Dog Nursery Theme

Modern Dog Nursery

A modern puppy theme for Baby J. Integrating all our family for the future!

Boy Twins Shared Nursery Monogrammed Wall

DIY Twins Nursery

A fun nursery for my twin boys filled with DIY projects including the bedding, rug, curtains, dresser, and wall decor. I’ve been dying to decorate a nursery for a long time and finally got the chance, so I went to town with the projects!

GIrl Gray and Purple Nursery Crib and Bed View

Maddie’s Purple & Grey Nursery

Creating a nursery for our little girl Madeline Delaney that incorporates Mommy’s love of purple and owls.  We were limited in our ability to decorate, as we currently living in an apartment but tried to add as much personalization and style as possible.  We also had to make the nursery a duel purpose space, so had to be able to fit in the existing double bed.  The glider rocker had to be moved into the living room to make everything fit.

Gray Striped Orange and Aqua Nursery Crib

Aqua, Orange, and Grey Nursery

Creating this room for our sweet baby boy truly was a labor of love! My main goal for the nursery was to create something that was bright and whimsical but not too “babyish”, that way he can grow into it.

Neutral Aqua and Grey Nursery 1

DIY Neutral Aqua and Grey Nursery

My husband and I did almost everything in this nursery including painting, putting up the chair rail, and installing the crown molding. I had so much fun designing it, and my husband helped make it a little more kid friendly by contributing the monkey idea. I love how tranquil the room came out. We love to hang out in here, and it is a great place to rock and read at bedtime.


Modern Garden Nursery

A garden nursery for my first! I’m an addicted DIY’r and managed to save a lot of money as well as create some unique looks for my baby girl’s room.


Keegan’s Blue Bumble Bee Nursery

I fell in love with this bedding by Carter’s a few years ago and when we finally found out we where pregnant I scooped it up as soon as I could. It was being discontinued at Babies R Us so it was super on sale! I was so pumped since I love a good deal! I wanted his room to feel very open and inviting and to have some unique touches.


Lillia’s Lovely Haven

We are expecting our first baby June 6, 2013.  We are beyond excited for our baby girl Lillia Joy to arrive.  We are military, so we are limited to assigned housing, but with a little creativity made it a haven that we love spending time in.  I hope baby Lillia likes it as much as we do!


Jackson’s Chevron Nursery

I wanted a calm baby room that wasn’t too babyish or had too much of a theme. i had my nursery all planned if it was a girl so it threw me for a loop for a few weeks when we found out we were having a boy.


Olivia’s Nursery

This is Olivia’s nursery and her theme was grey, white and pink.  I loved grey and white but wanted to incorporate pink.  I also wanted something that she could grow with and that was totally unique.  I started with the stripes on the wall and went from there.