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A Bright and Woodsy Nursery for Luka

I knew I wanted to create a special space for my boy that was full of D.I.Y artwork and crafts made with lots of Love. This nursery was created on a tight budget and turned out to be one of my favourite rooms in the house. The woodsy theme featuring tourquoise, teals, burnt oranges and mustard yellow throughout the room. From the hand painted artwork to the hand made change table and refurnished dresser, all of these projects were designed to create a fun room for my baby boy to grow up in.

Elegant DIY Pink and Cream Toddler Room

Ryan Cathleen’s Elegant DIY Pink and Cream Toddler Room

This is my eldest daughter Ryan’s romantic pink and cream nursery turned toddler room.  It is the perfect room for any little girl filled with all kinds of fun things to play with but put together in a decorative way that is pleasing to the eye.


Owen’s Nautical Nursery

Owen’s nursery is a sophisticated, gender neutral Nautical Nursery inspired by my father’s love of all things lake related! Growing up around water is such a fond memory of mine that I wanted to pass it on to Owen.

DIY Tree Mural

Sebastian’s North Pole Birthday Brunch

Twas the night before December, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for two very excited expecting parents!
With our son being born bright and early the First of December, 2014, it seemed only fitting that his first birthday party would kickstart this year’s holiday festivities.  A spin on the traditional ONE-derland theme, Sebastian’s North Pole Birthday Breakfast had just the right splash of sparkle and tinsel, polar bears and penguins, and of course songs and snow!  After all, there is sNOw sweeter age than ONE!


Frankie Rose’s Illustrated Nursery

Frankie’s nursery is very small — just 6′ x 9′ — so we needed to stick to the bare essentials while also making sure the room could be used for a variety of activities, like sleeping, playing, nursing, and changing, since the rest of our house is equally tight on space.


Unicorn First Birthday

I wanted to put together a Unicorn themed photoshoot & I love how it turned out! It was super windy & sunny so I didn’t get as many detailed photos as I wanted but you can still see all the easy DIY’s.


Baby Girl Woodland Nursery

I wanted the nursery that was traditional with and a little whimsical but not typical baby decor so when I settled on a woodland theme I knew I had a big project ahead of me. It’s really difficult finding baby decor that isn’t bright pastels or really cartoony. Plus, all the inspiration rooms I found where very heavily boy themed so I had to find my own inspiration for this room and pieced this room together, little by little, over 5-6 months


Beach Baby Nursery

I wanted to create a calm, bright, airy, beachy nursery for our baby. Using neutral colors, woven textures, and blue hues to achieve the look I was going for. I had dreamed of designing a nursery for my baby for my whole life, and making this dream a reality was just so much fun. We knew we were having a little boy and I have always loved the beach, so it was fun to throw in some beachy accents without making it too “themed”.


Webb’s Gender Neutral Rustic Modern Nursery

For our second son’s nursery we were using a former guest room that gets a lot of light, so we wanted to keep the palette neutral, airy, and mature. We didn’t want to be tied down by a set theme, but decided that rustic, barn-inspired accents would make it feel a little more masculine.

Pink and Gray Elephant Nursery

Gianna’s Pink and Gray Elephant Nursery Reveal

When I found out I was having my second girl, I was stumped on everything. Name, shower, gadgets, and most of all….the nursery. I felt like I had JUST been through it all (just a few months ago!!!) and had picked the most perfect of all options, so how was I to possibly choose?? But as the months went by, I found a theme I loved and ran with it. I absolutely adore how this nursery turned out. Soft, modern, clean, and feminine. I learned a lot from my first (like…don’t skimp on the glider — do you have any idea how many hours you’ll be spending in it????), so I was able to create a space I know is lovely but also very, very functional.


A Serene Nursery for Baby Pulman

Right from the start I knew that I wanted to create a serene nursery for our son that was a calm, inviting retreat from city life.


Finley Mack’s Farmhouse Nursery

After having two boys, my husband and I were ecstatic to finally have a little girl in our home. This nursery was a mix of French Provincial, farmhouse, and shabby chic. I was working on a very tight budget, so most things were either purchased off craigslist or vintage antique marts and re-done.


Maeve’s Classic Nursery

We started our project with a very neutral design.  We were not planning to find out the gender so neutral walls and colourful pieces were chosen to be appropriate for both a boy or a girl. In the end we found out early that we were having a girl and added some specific items to reflect her gender.