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Red and Gray Circus Nursery

Samar’s Circus Nursery

When I found out I was pregnant the first thing I thought was I finally get to design a nursery! (Of course this was after I thought how great it is that I am going to be a mother)
I could not wait until my 20 week ultrasound to decide on a girls or boys room so I decided to just start working on something gender neutral.  Red and Grey are colors that work for either gender and are still fun and playful.

DIY Rainbow Book Ledges

DIY Rainbow Book Ledges

I’ve been in LOVE with the color bar ledges from The Land of Nod for as long as I can remember. But at $30 a pop, the total price to create the whole rainbow was little steep. So I took matters (and lumber!) into my own hands and made this fabulous hack for a fraction of the cost!
Full details here at my blog.


Shared Superhero Bedroom

Originally we had a superhero theme nursery for our son Levi. Now that we are expecting boy #2 and have moved, we thought it was the perfect time to update the room for our big boy and baby. This is a fun, bright room that both boys can grow into and love.


Brooks’ & Walker’s Shark Nursery

As soon as I learned that our twins were both boys, I knew I wanted to create a shark-themed nursery for them.  With cheeky artwork and “shark-tooth” chevron patterns, it was easy to convey a theme without being overkill.  I’m a minimalist, so naturally I didn’t want an eclectic, whimsical feel.  Instead, I chose a very classic design using trendy art, patterns, and furniture.


Wesley’s Yellow and Gray Elephant Nursery

I wanted to design a room that would be perfect to grow with our baby boy, nothing too babyish but still very fun. I love the neutral, gray color scheme and adding in a pop of color with the accents (that could easily be changed out at a later time). There is still a lot more I want to incorporate into the room (a rug and more DIY decor projects), but with my due date fast approaching this will be an ever-evolving project!


Jamie’s Sweet Nest Nursery

My little man’s nursery has been the perfect little nest to cuddle, sleep and play in! It’s aqua walls with grass green and brown accents provided us with a soothing, warm yet airy environment in a very small space. Most of the pieces were DIY’d by my husband or me!
Now, my little man is not so little and we’ve transitioned him to a bigger room with a camping theme. (Hence, the toddler bed instead of a crib. I added back the changing pad to show what it was like back when he was little). This room will get a gentle makeover soon for baby boy #2.
Finally getting the pics posted here is my way of saying goodbye to this lovely little room!

Recycled Nursery

Smith’s Recycled Nursery

To transform a tiny room into a recycled nursery that suited the rest of the house which was full of recycled natural vintage pieces. They didn’t want it painted in bright colors for house resale purposes. Color was to be introduced through accessories and toys, this way in the future if they have a daughter, it can be easily changed with only a few colored accessories.


Twin Nautical Nursery

We knew that we wanted to have a classic nursery that would fit for a boy and a girl, but we also wanted it to be a welcoming, bright, loving room. We started with our budget and worked to find or make each item so that it would fit within our budget. We love this room because it has the perfect combination of DIY touches and other classic accessories.


Greysen’s Storybook Nursery

Since my husband and I meant while working at a bookstore then it only made sense that our son’s nursery should be book themed.

Boy LIght Blue and Gray Nursery Gallery Wall

A Nursery for Will Monroe

I had so much fun creating this space for my first little one. It took a lot of time and thought, but I decided to go with something soft and simple. I didn’t want to overdecorate  or incorporate too many colors. I’m not very crafty but I wanted to make at least one thing to add sentimental value. So I decided to make the mobile. There are still a couple things I want to add in over time, but for now, it’s perfect for our little man.

Boy Treetop Nursery Tree Decal

Chase’s Treetop Hideaway

We wanted to be surprised the day our baby was born so we designed this gender neutral nursery. I am a little bit of a procrastinator and the night before our scheduled c-section I was hanging and filling the shelves that I built. Once our son was born we added a few little boy touches.

Boy Gray and Yellow Nursery

Demetri’s Modern-Vintage Nursery Room

This room was made with all my love!That’s it!Nothing more nothing less.I don’t regret anything that I have made for it!Iwas trying to imagine how my unborn son could be like.And this is the resault!Hope you like.

Boy Gray Striped Nursery Monogram Wall

Carter’s Peaceful Haven

Decorating Carter’s nursery was a very exciting time for me.  I love to decorate and this project was so dear to my heart.  I wanted his nursery to be a place that could transition very easily.  I didn’t want anything overly trendy or “babyish”.  Yet, I wanted it to be a room that he would love as much as I do. It does have some newer trendier things but I also incorporated some refurbished and traditional items.