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Tribal Adventure Nursery

Tribal Adventure Nursery

Chase is our first boy and I wanted to create a space that he could grow into. My vision was an outdoor theme where I could implement different adventure pieces like a globes and animal prints.  The overall theme of his room eventually evolved into “Tribal Adventure”. I was originally inspired by the thin gold arrows I found at Hobby Lobby and chose to designed around them.
I used lots of neutral colors and added gold accents for a added pop of color. I really love wood textures so my husband DIY’d the shelves above the crib and I DIY’d the dresser, which was originally a maple wood, and painted it in Swiss Coffee by Valspar Furniture Line and stained the drawers a dark walnut. I am so pleased with how they both turned out!
One of my favorite pieces is the “adventure” sign I ordered off of Etsy. I also fell in love with the lamp that I found from HomeGoods!
I added some empty glass bottles with pretty texture on the shelfand included a “message in a bottle” in one of them. I painted the paper with black tea, let it dry, rolled it up and added some burlap string. I found the mini cactus at Target and thought they would go perfectly with the tribal theme!
This has turned out to be one of my favorite rooms!

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Nursery

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

With a little sister on the way it was time for my son to move out of his crib and into a new big boy room. My son absolutely loves trains so I decided to give him a trains, planes and automobiles theme that would grow with him but was still kid friendly. The artwork is a mix of finds from local antique shops, Hobby Lobby, and Target. On one side of the room there is the reading nook and on the other an activity table. I love that his room is a place where he can learn and grow.

Modern Nursery

Modern Nursery

I had my modern nursery complete 4 months before Ryan was born! I was so excited to welcome him home, even though he won’t sleep in there for months!
After going through IVF, I had endured years of yearning for all that comes along with baby. Completing this nursery was a dream come true!

Funky and Bold Nursery

Grey’s Funky and Bold Nursery

After doing a traditional soft, French blue and white Nursery for my first son, I knew I wanted to do a funky and bold nursery baby #2.

Navy Baseball Nursery

Roman’s Navy Baseball Nursery

When I found out we were having a boy, I knew what the nursery would be right away – The Boston Red Sox. My husband’s favorite team and I loved the idea of a very classic red, white and blue theme that could grow with our son.
One of my favorite parts of the project was using items we had already and things I could craft by hand. We included my grandpa’s baseball glove, some artwork, a signed bat and a jersey my husband owned already and a well loved teddy that was my dad’s. Since we had the opportunity to visit Fenway the year before, I had taken pictures around the stadium that I framed as well as a onesie I bought in anticipation of starting our family. I crocheted the blankets, the ottoman cover, a frame for the sonogram picture, the (diaper) box cover that is in the bookcase. I also sewed pillow covers and crocheted some as well. The feature wood wall was made out of peel and stick vinyl wood planks. The oversized nails came into play when the planks started taking dives off the wall! But I think it added to the overall charm of the room. I topped it off with a handmade mobile featuring paper circle cutouts on fishing wire connected to an old sewing loop that I crocheted yarn over the wood of the frame.
Hope you get some inspiration from the room as I have gleaned over many long months!

Nautical Nursery

Crew’s Nautical Nursery

I didn’t have the luxury of nesting slowly, as we were in a tiny apartment while I was expecting and building this home. We moved in when my son was four weeks old, just in time to transition him to his crib! Without going too “theme-ish” (especially with the name CREW!) I wanted to pull together a look and feel that wasn’t too specific. It began with the sailboat mobile (the one and only item my husband fell pretty hard for!) and the room grew around that. The coordinates above his changing table are the coordinates of the hospital in which he was born, and the small watercolor print was created by a close friend. The wall color is Sherwin Williams “Sea Salt”.
Decorating without the actual space to reference meant there were a couple of surprises. Like it hadn’t clicked for me that when considering wall space and furniture arrangement, his double closet doors weren’t the folding kind — they were full size, swing-open doors. I love that style so much more, but it ate up some space along the south wall! Crew’s nursery was the first room we put together when we moved in and it instantly helped us feel we were settled in our home!

Adventure Nursery

Beckett’s Adventure Nursery

When we found out we were having another baby boy I immediately knew I wanted a mountain wall! That is where my inspiration began. I had so much fun planning and putting together this nursery. Some of my favorite parts of this nursery are items used from our oldest son’s nursery! I feel like the items look very different in the space, and it allowed me to spend less money in the end! It goes to show that though the style of the nursery may be different, some of the items can be reused in different ways to create a completely different look!

Woodland Nursery

Leo’s Modern Woodland Nursery

My husband is really into hunting, and when we found out we were having a boy, I wanted to make sure I took his interests into play with Leo’s nursery. So, I combined our styles, and came up with his modern woodland nursery. The closet shelving was built by my husband and father in law! It added a lot more space for hangers, and storage, which we needed!

Aidan’s Fox Den Nursery

Even though we knew a baby boy was on the way, we wanted a gender-neutral nursery with an animal theme. I fell in love with the fox rug and selected everything else around that. Our showers for baby A ended up having woodland animal themes, and our friends and family helped us pull together the nursery with unique and, in some cases, amazing handmade gifts. The fox quilt was made by a dear friend and will be cherished forever.

Woodland Deer Nursery

Woodland Deer Nursery

I wanted to create a rustic woodland nursery with a deer theme throughout. I wanted something cute and cuddly but that could also grow with my little boy. My husband created the peg board above the changing table and we designed the room around it. I love all the little details and I hope our son will grow to love it as well.

World Map Nursery

World Map Nursery

When I started thinking about a nursery I knew I wanted it to be bold.  No pastels, no theme, no Winnie the Pooh (as much as I love The House on Pooh Corner.)  My husband and I love to travel.  Whether it is a quick weekend getaway or a three-week European adventure.  We love to experience other cultures and learn about the world first hand.  I came across the world map mural on Amazon one random day and immediately fell in love.  It’s bold, it’s big and it can be used to teach our child about the world.  Everything else in the room fell into place.  Since the map had so much color we chose to use white and gray for the crib, dresser and chair.  On our trip to IKEA I surprised myself in picking out the bight green shelving unit in the closet.

Bicycle Love Nursery

Originally, this room served as an office for my husband.  He and I love cycling so I purchased this large wall decal with two bikes and a heart.  When we got pregnant, it was an easy transition to a nursery design by adding a little tricycle decal for our little boy.  A couple other small accents like a mobile and blanket carry on with the theme.

Literature Inspired Nursery

Henry’s Literature Inspired Nursery

This nursery started out gender neutral as we eagerly anticipated the arrival of our baby, sex unknown! Using mainly white, grey and green we were confident we could create a quite oasis for our little one. With inspiration from classic and contemporary literature we decorated the walls with illustrations and filled book shelves with stories. Once our little boy arrived it was easy to toss in gender specific toys and accents to make it his own.

Baby G’s Adventure Nursery

As soon as we found out we were having a baby boy, my husband got to work on Graham’s nursery.  The adventure/outdoors theme wasn’t planned, but rather evolved naturally from the decor we fell in love with.  Our little guy was premature has spent a month in the NICU, and we have learned that life truly is an adventure.  It is not necessarily something that awaits us, but rather is always around us.
We had previously painted the room a blue-gray (Sherwin Williams Evening Shadow).  We added mostly gray and navy elements, with small bursts of earthy colors throughout.  Many DIY elements were incorporated to make the space unique.  The outdoor adventure canvases were hand painted by my husband, he also repainted the glider (a Craigslist steal), and made the arrows.  We purchased the letters for his name, mobile, changing pad cover, and cushions for the glider from a handful of incredibly talented Etsy sellers.  Finally, the pieces his gallery wall came almost entirely from Hobby Lobby, while his furniture and curtains are from Target.

Lil' Man Cave Nursery

RJ’s Lil’ Man Cave Nursery

We wanted to create a fun nursery for our first baby boy.  We were gifted some beautiful vintage Comboys and Indians prints which set the tone for many of the accents in the room including the teepee and feather wall decals and buffalo wall bust.  But, we didn’t feel the need to stick with one theme and included other favorites like sock monkey and firetrucks, perfect for a little boy!
We started with neutral colors like brown, navy, and grey which left room for pops of color with reds and oranges. We stayed on budget by refinishing an old rocker and picking up furniture pieces and accents from affordable stores like Ikea, Target, Walmart, Etsy, and Zulily.
We’re now about to welcome out second little boy and can’t wait to transition him into this fun room!


Pascal’s Modern Baby Nursery

This project is based in Miami Beach, Florida to a couple with very strong traditional roots when it comes to children’s spaces. We wanted to make the space to be modern to match the feeling of the rest of the home, but with a sense of welcoming warmth for the baby. The plaid bedding print goes back to the traditional patterns, and the straight lines of the modern furniture create the perfect eclectic mix that the couple was looking for.
We used ABC playing cards as a piece of art on the wall, a modern way of adding art above the bed without the fear of it falling into the crib. The broadway Lion King Poster was a play off on something both parents enjoy, being that they met on auditioning for Broadway. The custom made name train, or the embroidered pillow is an excellent way of personalizing the space to little one.
My advice to our readers is, try and make the baby nursery as personable as possible. It should tell a story, how it came to be, add some personal touches { such as the lion king poster, the name train, etc. } . Once, the baby is born, then add some photos of him/her, family photo or keepsakes people might want to give you. Adding a couple high shelves where the baby cannot reach to add fragile items and keepsakes are always a good idea.

Adventure Awaits Nursery

Adventure Awaits Nursery

I cannot believe that baby Ollie is already here. I took these photos about a week or so back but with all of the activity around our house, I never shared them with you! I really had a certain look I wanted for his room in mind and I am so happy with the way everything turned out. I specifically wanted to incorporate travel and adventure aspects along with navy and mint into the color scheme.
Our first purchase for the nursery was the “Adventures Awaits” sign from Hobby Lobby. Pairing that with Oh Joy!’s crib bedding and a few extras from some of my baby showers, Ollie’s nursery came together so simply! I cannot wait to highlight for you our amazing pegboard that Dusty built for the nursery. Inspired by Shanty2Chic, it turned out perfect.
One of my favorite pieces of the nursery is this Peter Pan quote by Ever N After, an Etsy shop that I stumbled upon during my pregnancy and fell in love. Each design is handmade and made to order. Brittany’s wooden signs are beautiful hand lettered calligraphy on stained wood and she never uses any stencils! How talented!!
The quote “Little boys should never be sent to bed, they always wake up a day older” in Peter Pan allowed me to have a bit of Disney woven into Ollie’s nursery without having a Disney-fied room. I sprinkled a few other Disney items throughout including a Oliver & Company Oliver plush toy, Disney Mouseketeer hat, and Mickey and Minnie, of course. However, Brittany’s rustic wooden sign is by far my favorite. It is truly something that you cannot get from a store.

Navy and Gray Nursery

Baby Emmett’s Navy and Gray Nursery

I wanted to create a fun nursery for our first baby that can be easily converted into a little boy’s room and the furniture (specifically couch and/or rug) can possibly be used in other rooms as well. We choose navy and gray as our main colors and chartreuse as an accent color. We ended up using different shades of light blues as well.
I loved Sissy and Marley wallpapers so that was one of the first items we choose. The crib and dresser came from Oeuf, and many of the accent items from Blabla Kids and RH Baby. The sofa, side table and rug are from Design Within Reach. I took time to research and carefully select each item. Later we decided to add a plant. My husband loved the idea of a fiddle leaf fig. To have something else green in the room, I found the bunny in the green overalls.
We had our baby on December 7. We love being in the nursery with him. The room is very peaceful and there is enough seating so that my husband and our moms can also be in the room with us at the same time.