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Morgan Hutchinson

Morgan Hutchinson

Born a southern girl with big city dreams, I am sweet and surprisingly salty. That is to say, I love pretty and stylish packaging on the outside with just the right amount of sarcasm and an honest sense of humor on the inside. I love my family with all I have, and I find great joy in making mamas feel good about themselves through fashion and finding their personal #momstyle.

As a business owner, buyer and stylist, I am constantly on the lookout for new silhouettes that work for the mom lifestyle. I love the challenge of curating a well-balanced collection from my favorite ready-to-wear designers, both established and emerging. Though my eye is naturally drawn to statement-making styles, I love to find ways to incorporate those over-the-top pieces into everyday life. Through color, unexpected pairings and sometimes surprising styles, my aesthetic is eclectic and evolving. From pregnancy to the playground, from breastfeeding to the boardroom, fashion doesn’t stop with motherhood—it is simply reborn. Pun intended.

– Morgan Hutchinson, ShopBURU

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