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Reinvented Rainbow Room

This is not your typical rainbow wall mural! It’s a reinvented rainbow! I have been working on a rainbow themed room for my client’s 2 year old toddler girl. We started with a blank space. From the beginning, we knew we were going to do an accent wall. When we first started, my client wanted to add decals to the wall. Simple, and easy, but not very impactful. Plus, her daughter would grow out of it after a few years. After many discussions, I somehow convinced her to go a bit bolder (or maybe she decided on her own?!). The reinvented rainbow it the focal of the room but there are so many other elements to the room that she can grow into 
I upcycled an old Ikea table and chairs from her older siblings. I painted scallops in the same rainbow palette. The made a craft corner that houses her art supplies and her artwork too.
I also painted an ombré watermelon dresser which is another Ikea hack. It was a plain white dresser but with the knobs it adds a whimsical touch!
A reading nook and shelves are also essential to help kids develop a love for reading.
this is a beautiful room that she can grow into for many years!

Colorful Sunshine Girls Room

I wanted to create something bright and colorful for my daughters room.  I found a mural on Pinterest that inspired me for the rest of the room.  I painted the mural on my daughter’s wall and used the same paint colors in the rest of her room.  I refinished an old bed and found the perfect sunshine yellow dresser at Savers.  My husband created an amazing reading loft for her above her door.  We put a king size mattress up there and it is a hot spot for reading and sleepovers with her friends.  It is hard not to smile when you walk into this room!

Rhett’s surf retreat

I wanted to keep this fairly neutral so it would be easy to transition into a big boy room as Rhett grows and starts developing his own likes/interests. I learned with my first child that using a dresser as a changing table is an easy way to stretch your use and money, as the dresser will work long after he outgrows diapers. Our favorite place as a family is on the coast so this easy breezy theme has some art work from our favorite vacation spot, so not only is it peaceful and relaxing but it has some sentiment as well. Just mix and match pieces from everywhere including IKEA, Etsy, Target, and TJ Maxx.

Safari Slumbers

This is a nursery nook as it is shared with the master bedroom. Even still, I wanted to make sure the baby had it’s own space which was a cute as possible while still fitting the entire master bedroom vibe.
I used removable animal print decals on the wall so when the baby moves out of this space, the parents can simply remove them to have their adult space back. Because this room was going to be shared with adults, I chose a generally neutral pallet with a pop of green/turquoise color to support my safari theme.
The rug from Ruggable really completes the space. It’s bold pattern activates the room and provides a whimsy yet sophisticated design to the space.


The interior of a student’s room is radically different from the design of a bedroom for younger children. Now it is no longer a colorful and bright space strewn with toys, but a rational, orderly room, however, not devoid of a special childish charm.
Design features
At the age of 7-12, the child becomes more responsible, organized, but this happens gradually. In the student’s room there are toys and books, textbooks and notebooks, things for walking and a school uniform. The task of parents is to ensure balance, to make the transition period from preschooler to teenager interesting and comfortable.
The student’s room should be divided into functional areas: work, sleep and play. Sometimes the play area is supplemented with a small workplace – for example, if the child loves to draw or is engaged in modeling, and the desk is installed separately so that work and rest are still separated.
And don’t forget the lighting. In a schoolchild’s room, the top chandelier alone is not enough – there must be a sconce by the bed and a high-quality table lamp.
Furniture selection
Furniture for a student’s room should be practical, and this is the main rule. You will need to provide for the following furnishing elements:
work desk and comfortable chair;
book shelves;
wardrobe or chest of drawers for things;
boxes for storing toys.
It’s good if there is a place in the nursery for the child’s handicrafts, for his letters and photos. Also, a sports corner will not hurt, so that the child can relieve the accumulated stress with benefit, not by senseless running around the apartment, but with the help of sports.

Fun Floral Bedroom

A fun, floral bedroom that my daughter can grow with! I hand painted the mural on the wall.

Mountain Kids Room

A child’s room is a unique place for every toddler and parent. If it is filled with a multitude of colors, then it becomes a space for many joyful games. The decor of a child’s room has a huge impact on their emotional development. Therefore, in addition to functional and safe furniture, colorful wall decorations are an essential element in the arrangement of a child’s room. Wall decals are from Coloray.

Dark Teen Sophistication

Another one of my absolute favourite rooms.  This one was for a 10 year old girl who requested a dark floral wallpaper but without any pink.  I accented this room with gray, blue and gold. Truly a room that she will be able to grow into.