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Modern Rustic Nursery

When I found out I was having a boy, I really had no idea what I would do for the nursery. Expecting to have a girl, my Pinterest was filled with floral wallpaper and pink everything. When I started looking at what style I wanted for  our baby boy’s nursery, I was slumped. I originally wanted to do blue wallpaper and keep it very gender neutral. After much contemplating, I realized wallpaper would probably not be the best idea since we are currently renting out house lol. I was back to square one.
I came across a photo on Pinterest that had a featured wood wall and I immediatly knew that’s what I wanted to do. Putting together the wall was actually kind of fun! I told my husband my vision and we worked together to make it happen. After the wood wall was put up, the rest of the nursery just kind of came to life. I decided I wanted to be more adventurous and add little pops of color. Getting the multi-colored rug was a little out of my comfort zone, but I LOVE how it ties the room together! This is definitely our favorite room in the house and I can’t wait to make so many memories in here!

Hampton’s Modern Travel Nursery

My client’s wanted a “travel” themed nursery, without it being a theme, and something that their son can transition into as he grows. The room has extremely tall ceilings so I knew I wanted to do some kind of accent wall. I remembered seeing the Luna wallcovering and knew immediately that was the one I wanted to use! From there, it all just fell into place…from the compass inspired light fixture and art, to the rocket rug! When it was all said and done, my client loved it, but wanted a bit more pop to the room. Adding the Constellation’s wallcovering to the ceiling was spot on, and their sweet baby boy can dream of adventures for many years to come!

Easy Halloween decor

My sister is a kids illustrator and this year I asked her to help us prepare to Halloween party for our 3 kids. And here is a result. I like this easy way to decor our entrance. Looking forward for some windows decoration as well.
It’s super easy craft for kids (you will need just print, cut and fold it) and looks very cute.
You can find her printable Halloween party decor here:
Happy decorating)

Joyful Colors in Baby Nursery

For the our second baby’s nursery we didn’t want to stick to a strict theme. Instead, I just wanted the room to be colorful and happy. Using the Rainbow Wallpaper from Project Nursery as my inspiration, I added pieces throughout the room to play off the colors.
To help tie in our crib, which is a hand me down from our first daughter, I tried to tie in the natural wood and gray via the name sign on the wall and mirror above the changing table. We also just had to pull in our handmade Star Wars mobile that we used for our first daughter!
Overall, we are thrilled with how it turned out and can’t wait to watch out little grow into the space.

Finding Nemo inspired multi-purpose playroom and homeschool area!

We wanted to transition our crazy toy-filled playroom into a multipurpose room…key word, PURPOSE!  We wanted to use it in as many ways as possible.  Since our kids are 11, 9, and 3, they each need different things when it comes to a space.
We knew we antes an additional homeschool area for the big kids so we could all be upstairs during the school day together.  We also wanted to keep our reading nook included in the space, so it seemed natural to put the homeschool area on the same side of the room.
We also needed a craft area (hence the big craft table!) and storage for supplies (cabinets on wall.)
We still have toys-various blocks in the cabinets, stuffed animals in the big armoire, and trains in the armoire drawers.
The biggest project was definitely the 6 bunk beds!  We often have lots of guests and knew this would be a neat place for them to stay if we had larger families come.  We also loved the idea for slumber parties and hanging out/reading during the school day.  My husband built these from scratch!  They took months-he doesn’t even own a table saw!
We truly wanted it to be able to be used in multiple ways, even simultaneously…we have achieved just that!
I should also mention-It’s Finding Nemo themed 🐟
IG: making.main.street
I’ll do my best to tell you where everything is from:
⭐️Paint color: Sherwin Williams, Aquaduct
✨Table: IKEA
✨Desks: IKEA build your own desk, LINNMON top (78inches) and ALEX drawer bases
✨Shiplap on walls: planks from Lowe’s, painted and installed by us
✨Green table chairs and red desk chairs: Amazon
✨Pink rug: Amazon
✨Circles rug: RugsUSA
✨Comforters: Society6
✨Red kelp pillow cases: Amazon
✨Wishables: shopDisney and Disney Parks
✨Wishables shelves: two sizes, Amazon
✨Curtains: two sizes, Amazon
✨Stuffed animal storage armoire: used by us, converted by husband
✨Bunk beds: husband
✨Twin mattresses: Amazon
✨Picture frame for Nemo: yard sale and painted
✨Nemo photo: file from Etsy, altered by me and printed
✨Red clock: IKEA
✨Desk organizers: IKEA
✨Jellyfish: me
✨Bookshelves: my dad
✨Dress up dresser: used by us and converted
✨Yellow chairs: Kirklands
✨Plaid pillowcases: Amazon

Gender Neutral Boho Nursery

When I met my husband I told him if I could ever have kids it was really important for me to have at least one pregnancy where the gender was a surprise. I am an ultrasound tech and I share with parents everyday what they were having and I just thought “how neat to go to the very end not knowing.” Well fast forward to our second pregnant and my husband liked being surprised so much he wanted to do it again with our second. With my first child we bought a house and renovated it so I never really got to focus on our baby’s nursery. My husband and I really love the boho vibe and wanted something that would work for a boy or girl. I knew I wanted to incorporate some cacti but I just needed the right rug (I will say it was quite tricky because most of my shopping had to center with online purchases since we were on lock down)  I love special sentimental touches like the handmade cross stitch made by my mother, my husbands baby book on the shelf, the wooden letters I painted myself, and maternity pics taken by my husband because my photo shoot got cancelled due to Corvid. Everyone thinks I’m crazy for not finding out the gender but I just want to prove you can definitely style a cute nursery if you don’t know what you are having!

Vintage Nautical Nursery

I grew up spending my summers at our family’s lake house, always out on the water either sailing, swimming or water skiing. The lake is where my husband and I met and eventually got married. It’s nestled in a small town in northern Indiana where the pace is slow and the people are friendly. Growing up I remember my mom used to take me to antique shops around town to find special, one-of-a-kind items to use as decor in the lake house. Our lake house and the small town in northern Indiana inspired the theme for our first baby boy’s nursery. The only item I really splurged on was the crib, because I knew exactly what I wanted. The rest (dresser, side table, book chest, wall art) I found at antique or consignment shops and refurbished to make them match my vision. The best part about the room is that the wallpaper is original to the home (built in 1969!) and it is just perfect.