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Reece Nursery

My mom has a keen eye for decorating, so she helped a lot! I created all the artwork and the wall and room decor and had so much fun putting it all together. I picked out the fabrics for the crib skirt and window treatments and couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out! Sadly (but also happily), my daughter is just about to be ousted from this room as her baby sister is coming in 9 weeks! Now it is off to design a big girl room! Submitted by : Ashley

Kezia Room

The guest room was painted with light yellow. When we found out we were expecting the guest room would be our 1st baby’s bedroom. I thought it is simply a good opportunity to create. It is a small space so we can’t be creative so much with adding furntiure etc but we can paint the walls. By looking at the wall I can envision lines that would make the room look longer. I joined the freecyclers group and picked up some paint and simply worked around with what I have. As for inspiration? It is the idea of having an opportunity to create and working with what you’ve got (innovate). I thought didn’t have ideas on the other wall. So, I’ve asked my husband to create something on the other side — his own. He has never done it before and was weary about it painting is easy if you make a mistake paint over it. If you plan and sketch your idea it should be OK. So here is the snippet of what my husband ended up doing. Submitted by : Bernee Lee

Betsy Birthday Party

The theme was ‘apples’ in turquoise and green. Betsy is the ‘apple of our eye’. I made several things for this party, including, pennant bunting, Betsy’s party dress, the invitations and thank you notes. But the thing I am most proud of is the apple shaped cake balls used for favors, and the two tiered caramel apple cake I made. It was the first tiered cake I attempted and it looked just the way I envisioned and tasted great, too! Submitted by : Beth Grebe

Wendy’s Baby Shower

Five of my friends and I through this shower for Wendy. Wendy and her husband own a tugboat and also chose a nautical theme for the babys room,(and we live on an island) so we decided to stick with that. The flags in the flower buckets said Welcome Baby Fogg in nautical flag code. We bound one of the invitations with lined paper for a homemade guest list. We made the favors out of a nautical chart of our island printed onto paper and folded into a hat. Wendys mom brought all of her stuffed animals and put them in a wagon outside the entrance. She also brought a photo of Wendy as a baby, along with the actual dress she was wearing for a display. I found out how to make the paper hats on martha stewarts website: and we printed out charts of our island onto the paper we used. Submitted by : Jessica Anderson

Sienna’s Second Birthday Party

Sienna’s Second Birthday Party – Theme:Candy and lollipops I saw a party on tomkat studios and thought it was adoreable. Then I started looking around on the internet and found many ideas. Tom Kat Studio: I saw the candy decorations here : … I used balloons instead of paper balloons Submitted by : Jessica Anderson

Harper’s Birthday Party

I’m not sure I really had a “theme” for the party, but I decided on objects to use based on colors: pink, green, orange, purple and blue. Anything I liked went! Polka dots, butterflies, cupcakes, pom-poms! It turned out girlie with a bright, garden theme. All the parties on Project Nursery were a great inspiration! Especially the “Modern Garden” birthday party, and anything from Kim at the TomKat Studio! Submitted By : Lindsay Christensen