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mommy of two!

Oliver’s Whimsical Room

  Let me start by saying that it was very hard for me to pick the colors and Bedding for Oliver’s room…boys don’t have a lot of options!! I even started to love a girls bedding soooo much that I thought, “I will make it work” it has just a little pink ;) Daddy said NO WAY! I am glad he did!!… But if I ever have a little girl I already have everything picked out for her room!! :) I tried to “design” my own bedding on a webpage but after weeks I kept changing my mind until daddy said that if I didn’t order the bedding like in the next 24 hrs he was going to do it and pick whatever he wanted!!! (Yes it was that bad my indecision) so thank God I went to and there it was… Oliver’s Bedding! I knew that after getting the bedding everything else was going to come together… and it did… we picked the wall and furniture color from the bedding… daddy painted the furniture (not the crib) and I started ordering on etsy pretty much all the decorations!! Everything got done pretty much like 2 weeks ago!!! I kept adding things after Oliver was born and now is finally done and we love it! I hope you will too! Almost forgot! The gray squirrel represents our dog Cronin (his brother from another mother) a Miniature Schnauzer! He loves to chase squirrels and the 2 owls are mommy and daddy… we tell that to Oliver :)