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Hello!  My name is Wendy Bowman, and I am a wife, mother and freelance artist.  As a professional children's muralist from Houston, Texas I have seen a lot of awesome nurseries over the past 15 years.   I have to say that the rooms I see here on Project Nursery are truly amazing!
My story:  After 6 years of trying to conceive every which way imaginable, we are finally expecting boy #2 thanks to IVF (expected due date 8/31/11).  His nursery has been in the making in my mind all this time!  We have actually built a room addition from the ground up!  It is an extension of our master bedroom which needed more space anyway. 
I am so glad I discovered Project Nursery, and I have been telling all my clients and friends about it since I found it.  The array of unique room designs from project nursery users is very rich and eclectic, so I LOVE love LOVE this site.   I have gotten so many ideas from everyone who graciously posts their reveals here.  I will be blogging to track the progress of my nursery until it is ready to reveal here on PN.
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