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Bella’s Girly Animal Kingdom

This is my baby girl Bella’s nursery. I was inspired by hot rich colors and black and white. I wanted it to be girlie, hip, modern, warm but not baby baby. I created most of the art work including the animal paintings. The 3 round pink frames are the portraits of my dogs done with felt on embroidered hoops. The mobile also was done with felt. By the way, i had never ever painted, sewed or embroidered before! Amazing what being a mom does, huh? The bedding was custom done for me and some of the pillows I created. Most of the items I have been buying little by little. The cuckoo was from a canadian company. The chalk frame was from As was the tree sticker and butterflies. The zebra rug was from overstock. The day bed and dresser are from Ikea. The biggest splurge was the Netto Crib and the cuckoo clock. I wanted lots of animals and am still searching for more! I hope you like it!!!