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Jollene Morgan

A Gentleman and Giraffe Nursery

We were working with a small space and a lot of love. I had to reel in many of my ideas, so the room didn’t look cluttered. We also had a smaller budget in mind, so we could make larger purchases towards baby equipment and etc. My husband and I didn’t want anything too baby-ish, and we knew that giraffes were one of our favorite animals. They are sleek and majestic. I wanted an accent wall, so we made it a striped one with pops of colors, and an awesome giraffe decal. Everything else was pretty monochromatic (white, gray, black). I played a little with patterns, great for baby’s visual stimulation I heard, from the staggered chevron crib sheet to the mini chevron changing pad cover. We were inspired by Scripture and framed encouraging verses for our son to live by. It is an overall simple, clean, and gentlemanly look.