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The Ammi Blogger

"Ammi" means mom in Urdu. Mother of a one-year old, digital marketing expert, blogger and Pinterest-oholic. Life update? Totally freaking out about the new journey Aelya and I are about to make - moving from London to Pakistan. Will it be a start to discovering mommy inspirations there?

Aelya’s Winter ONEderland Party

This was my daughter’s first toddler party (not exactly her birthday party) and because it was in November we stuck to the Winter ONEderland theme. I have always been inspired by my sister-in-law who holds one or two parties each year for her kids and their friends exclusively and she goes all-out in them too. The party was exclusively for kids, mums and aunts partly because our place wasn’t big enough to accommodate all the men that came in the same package and partly because I thought this was turning out to be quite a girly event. I must confess too – I never got around to having a baby shower so a lot of the decoration ideas were on my wish-list since the time I was pregnant and wishing for a surprise baby shower :D