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Nikki is the owner and creative force behind and Tradewind Tiaras, Inc. She loves decorating cakes but not eating them, can't sit still to watch a movie, and has a deep and abiding love for Yorkshire pudding.

Mother’s Day–for the KIDS to Make FOR Mom!

This was a mother’s day photo shoot created for Yum! Food and Fun for Kids magazine. I wanted to create a party where the KIDS could make everything FOR mom, giving her a bit of a rest! My daughters had so much fun helping me with this party! I really did make them do most of the work. ;-)

The Secret Garden Baby Shower

This was a baby shower with a theme inspired by the classic children’s book, The Secret Garden.  I knew I wanted to play with texture rather than color, and immediately knew I wanted to make a backdrop of paper flowers inspired by the Chanel 2009 runway show.  It was lightweight, inexpensive, and gorgeous!  (Looks awesome hanging on my bedroom wall now, too.)

Sprinkles Birthday Party

My daughter came up with a brilliant theme for her 3rd birthday–sprinkles!  As soon as I heard it, my mind started racing.  So Much FUN!  Sprinkles were everywhere–in the decor, in the flower vases, and certainly in the food.  

Balloons Birthday Party

Here’s a cheerful, fun, balloon themed party I threw for a little 3 year old named Brady, and was published in Festivities magazine.